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Sorrento italian pizza review Videos

Sorrento Ristorante Zi'Ntonio Pizza Review

Sorrento Ristorante Zi'Ntonio Pizza Review.

Clinton reviews Sorrento's pizza on helium

El Pres Pizza Review Baltimore

You know the rules. One Bite.

Trying A Pizza Vending Machine With WarPig - Vlog.25

A little while back WarPig was working overseas and while in Italy he found a pizza vending machine. This had to be documented for science, of course.

User Comments
warpig is that nigga
+Bill Cutting On the contrary
Oh wow, that thing looks awful..... D:
+Ryudenki ya it's a little frozen pizza like
He sounds like Sheldon from Big Bang theory
How dare you. I'll take his emmy's though.
So is WarPig visiting Italy? Does he live in Italy? Do explain.
Oh that's really cool!
I will explain. The WarPig worked in Europe (and South Korea) as a clown for Cirque for a few years before he found his true love: world domination.
Ah gotcha. Interesting.
+TryHarder - CoC & More He was visiting while working with cirque (I think). It was a while back

Sorrento & pizza schifosa - Vlog 26.12.2015

User Comments
Purtroppo hai perso i tuoi soldi ✌
+Beautywithlove98 ovviamente
Te li sei presa tu

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