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Sorrento italy scuba diving Videos

Diving Italy Sorrento 2014 /2

Scuba Diving in Capo Caccia Sardina Italy - Video 1 of 2

Cave Diving in Capo Caccia nr Alghero , Sardinia. The sea and surrondings are simply spectacular.

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hi, could you tell me how old you have to be to scuba dive as im going there in the summer. Thanks
okay but can i just do it for a day and get almost straight into the open under supervision?
u can be very young as long as your with an instructor

Scuba Diving in Capo Caccia Sardina Italy - Video 2 of 2

Conca Sport Scuba sorrento Diving dive sorrento concasport

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Scuba Diving in Italy

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its possible to find some old ship wrecks outhere.

Sorrento Pier Night Dive

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