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Sorrento italy shirts Videos


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I'm glad you appreciate my country, Italy loves you and I hope you can visit rome one day ^^ Ps: when you speak italian my heart beat so fast * W *
ahahahaha bellissima Milano
Anche io sono di Roma :D
did anyone see the kid in the back round
I did lol
What happens to the emo hair 
Aqua isn't an emo, he's an otaku '-'


OOTD: New shirt

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Enchiladas and Pozole Mmmmm love dat sh*t! But then again i'm Mexican and I grew up with it. My husband is white, but white food can be tasty too! I have a lot of black tops. I just like the color black. Plus I think its slimming and hides my rolls and belly more than a white top would. I'm glad you got some new clothes, you deserve them. I like that black top you are wearing. Its dressy like a club shirt. You got junk in da trunk! My top is a 4/5x and my bottom is a 4/5x depends on the fabric.
i think you should def do more ootds u look beyond cute and i think a lot of ppl would enjoy seeing these videos!! you are making me hungryyy nooo talkin bout food lol btw ur def not old! and i likeeee your outfit!
You look sooo cute and I'm loving your hair! And I know chicks who are PAYING thousands of dollars to get your booty! You got a nice booty girl! And its real! LoL ♡
Omg the food sounds so good. Your nails are done too, pretty where did u get them done?
Love your new shirt :) I want a new shirt to.:) did you get your nails done?
You look cute in that top! you look a lot like my sister. love ur hair!
I love your new shirt! Your nails look awesome too!
Awesome! it looks great on you!
That is a cute outfit.

Vlog going to Italy #2

my twitter https://twitter.com/megajumpicks shirt website https://www.shirtinator.co.uk/signin/ user name: bruno.avello@yahoo.com password: megajumpicks ...

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Why do you freaking use the selfie stick when you're at home! WTF are you doing with your life? My life doesn't have sense for any longer. You prick

Sorrento-Zacco Brooks Film

I filmed this video on the canon eos 550d and testing ou the 60 fps on the iphone 6 at 50% in editing. This whole video was shot in one day at Sorrento.

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Hey mate, the video is awesome but your hyper lapses(time-lapse while having camera move) are a bit shaken. But other than that the video is awesome! I have a question though, how do you get your videos so smooth? Love the vid, you deserve a like and a subscribe.
+KameraKroo thanks so much man, this was my first time trying a hyper lapse i will try and get better at it i promise :) and i use a glidecam xr1000 for stabilisation and i record at 60 fps at 1080, thanks for your comment, really appreciate it :)

Sorrento Campus Dance presenta OLD SKIN Choreography by Daniele Sibilli

Per chi non lo conoscesse, Daniele Sibilli nasce a Napoli, si forma con i migliori insegnanti/coreografi internazionali. Grazie ai numerosi Concorsi Internazionali ...
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