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Spicy sorrento italy Videos

Sasà Avallone in VIdeomix - Spicy@Sorrento 14-03-2013.mp4

Spicy@Sorrento - 8 marzo 2013.

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Spicy chiusura 16 aprile

DOCUMENTARISTICA ALLO SPICY SHOWROOM... ABBIAMO DOCUMENTATO gli attimi irripetibili che viviamo tutte le volte quando si fa festa solo per il gusto ...

Sorrento inaugurazione Spicy by Positanonews

Spice Girls | Viva Forever (feat. Luciano Pavarotti) | Pavarotti & Friends (1998)

The Spice Girls performing 'Viva Forever' with Luciano Pavarotti live at the 1998 Pavarotti & Friends - a concert held in Modeno, Italy, in aid of War Child and ...

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Spice Girls + Luciano Pavarotti = sugar + pepper Weird thing! It's quite a nice song among SG singles, but the mix is like a bad voice collage. I'd even daresay Luciano is the disturbing element in the performance (no offence intended, he is a superb tenor, but honestly!!!, this is no lyric song and SG are not precisely icons of bel canto to mix up their voices to Pavarotti)
The Maestro's legacy includes what Caruso missed out on, joining the rock/pop/... culture and commandeering performances as this! His voice is so strong even when he holds back!!
By cristian fereira : The best part of the song for me : Luciano pavarotti :t'aspettero io ci sarò se questo mare può rivelare sarà così... sì e con te volerò :$
AWFUL. Pavorotti was too good for the screaching Spice Girls who used pitch-correction mikes - and even with that, Posh Spice sings about one line on her own!!!
fun to watch this video! victoria looks so young and cute ! I didn't expect pavarotti to sing with this pop band
A bunch of memories came through my mind!!!!!! Such a good time with my friends 16 years ago! *__*
@permisoyo Thank you Cristian to post this.. It´s really the best part of the song... Paulo Italo
I laughed at that nervous smile by Victoria Adams ("OH shit they espect me to SING!)
pavarotti is just completes this tune, the guy is tooo good
fatal, no me gusta para nada este conjunto
oude beer ... hahaha ;)
Beautiful. Love this.
damn I feel so old
lovely song!!

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