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Favorite Free Hugs of 2008

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Thank you so much for sharing this. You guys are awesome and this is such a beautiful concept. Everyone in the world could use a giant hug right now. You make me smile with my heart. Thanks Carol
Thank you so much! We love doing it and yes, I agree, the world needs it. We'll be doing another global one in April.
Thanks Karen! If you are ever back in Chicago you'll have to join us for them. :) Megan is coming in January!
Keep up the good work. I wish more people would do this. The world needs it.
What GREAT energy!!!! I'm inspired to spread the good vibes!!! Thanks!!!
Yay! I made the year wrap up hugs video!!! Wooohoo ♥ awesome!
I couldn't review the year without including you in it!! ♥

Rosso Corallo, dall'Antico al Moderno

Rosso Corallo, una mostra che percorre la storia della lavorazione artistica del Corallo dal Rinascimento fino ad oggi con i gioielli di Platimiro Fiorenza, con ...
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