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Sorrento italy what to wear Videos

W/my models-Italian Taste meets Italian Wear in Tuscany @ Vineyard of Brunello di Montalcino

Backstage photoshoot with my models in Tuscany # the vineyard of Brunello di Montalcino.

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Bellissimo look.
un abbraccio ! grazie
Fantastic look
+Carlotta Ferrari Grazie cara!


Hey guys! Welcome to my Sorrento vlogs! I am going to be filming every single day of my summer holiday/vacation, mostly outfits of the day/night joined by my ...

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I Love seeing these videos and they seem like a great idea for an easy video for you all as well. i would def like to still keep seeing these videos in the future for sure so im giving it a nice like as always in the hopes you'll continue to do more in the future. i dont expect you to do them everyday but dont give up on them ;) p.s I Love emilia she brings smiles to my day with her cute laugh and smiles such a happy baby ;)
#JoffeeJokesootd, ok Joffus, this should encourage you to keep making us laugh everyday! I have loved this OOTD in Sorrento, especially because you made them so much fun Joffee! Anna when My girls grew up, I would put dresses like that as tops, with cute shorts, or nickers underneath, so they lasted me for 3-4 yrs.
It is so funny to watch Emilia when Anna is talking and holding her. Emilia suddenly looks at Anna realizing she is talking and then looks back towards Jofus knowing he has the camera. She is going to be so interesting to watch grow up on camera :)
Aww I love you guys! I don't know why I felt sad in this video. Just you guys saying it's the last one. Even though I know I'll see you tomorrow over on the vlog! I feel like its our last day on holiday too :( :(
So what if they do extend their holiday? It's not your business so why care. You seem very pissed off about that saying something like " Wow they're are acting like they deserve to go on another holiday!" grow up?
I love that top Anna! I would live in that top forever! And Emilia is so precious in that dress. I just found you just before you went on vacation and I've been enjoying your entire family. You are very blessed.
Hi Anna me and my mum watch your videos every day also vlog! You all amazing I can't wait to see today vlog when you get to see your doggies :) please check out my last video ootd I tried my best :) thank you!
Thanks for sharing your summer vacation outfit with us! The leopard print is perfect for the summertime! Keep posting the great videos! We'll be watching! --Your affordable razor brand, DorcoUSA*com
I love seeing the outfits everyday. Especially because I have zero fashion especially since having my daughter and being still 40lbs heavier. All I have to say is Anna your gorgeous I'm jealous:)
hi!!!how are you guys?pls pls pls pls dont mind onther people sometime we cant pls people and bad people just dont mind them pls dont stop what you guys doing and my love emilya take care
Anna, Emilia will be able to wear that for a long time. as a top when she reaches toddlerhood and even as a little girl! (assuming it has stretch shirring at the rouching uptop!)
Thank you for sharing your vacation! Love you guys. Keep up the outfits of the day Jofee! I'm sure you will be happy to return home and see the doggies!!! Especially Albi!!
Awww definitely more ootd and ootn.. Loved watching every single one ... Emilia looked adorable.. Anna looked so pretty and Jofee looked extremely handsome ..love you guys!
As I said on one of your photos on Instagram,your top is so nice,Anna!The fact that it`s flowy and the print make it sooo beautiful and flattering.I love it!
Truth be told I would watch you guys read the phone book. Lol I just love watching Emilia grow up and the two of you grow with her. God bless you all. :)

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