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Sorrento italy with toddler Videos

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Our Children & Dating! | SacconeJolys

Subscribe to Jonathan's channel! http://www.youtube.com/jonathanjoly Hey guys! Today I invited Jonathan along for another Q&A where we answered your ...

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Hey everyone! I uploaded a video of the sacconejolys on my channel please check it out! ❤️❤️❤️
Fuck no
Jonathan: "I've become a grown up Me: *snort* Sure, sure.
This is a question/request for the next time you two do a video like this: Can you tells us about your nationalities/ancestry? :)
Jonathon is part French and Irish. Anna is half Italian, Irish, and her grandmother on her mother's side was German. Hence why Emilia and Eduardo call their grandmother "Oma," which is German for grandma.
Another proof of how freaking hetero normative the society really is. Just gonna assume your kids are straight? They're in no way old enough to have figured it out, how have you?
They really don't care. Jonathon has said their "partners," before, so they are conscious and accepting.
I love when Anna and Jonathan are doing these type of videos together!!! I was smiling the entire 14:53 minutes
For me it's 15:54
+ Amber Eastmond I guess not
Did you not like the last second then
What are there careers? I thought they were stay at home parents?
YouTube is their career
Anna mentioned sexual orientation in this video yet she is still assuming her children's sexual orientations and talks about Emilia having a "boyfriend".
+Gemma C Amazing. Even when they clearly don't mind if Emilia/Eduardo is gay, they are still obligated to be PC with every single thing they say.Grow up.
does anyone else remember when zoe & alfie challenged anna and jonathan to do the boyfriend/spouse does my makeup challenge? i hope you add that to the list of videos anna!
Agree and a suggestion someone else had was Jonathan doing a baking video with the kids ;)

Kids Dancing the Tarantella

The grade 1 and 2 are dancing the Tarantella,a dance from Sicily! The tarantella is a lively country partner dance of Southern Italy, very popular in Sicily.
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