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Tuscany photography holiday - Anne's stills

A wonderful week learning about photography in Southern Tuscany. This 2 minute film is packed with my favourite shots accompanied by a blast of Italian Opera ...

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Great work..lots of lovely compositions...the Tuscan landscapes are wonderful and apparently sculpted for photography. My Cams are set up for 16.9 so that the image always fills the screen.....and I have now found the tiny 1080p button (0n you tube) at the right of the frame and what a DIFFERENCE it makes....to the images so much more textural.
Txs Bob. I did quite a bit of cropping in Adobe Lightroom, but with some then made them fit the screen in Sony Vegas. They wouldn't win any competitions, for a relatively novice photographer, I was pretty happy with my results. Anne

Paradise City - Renato Falerni - The Best Art of Photograhy

The Best Art of Photograhy by Renato Falerni Music: "Paradise City" from the CD: "The Best Art of Piano Lounge" ...
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