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Fuel economy honda blackbird Videos

Honda BlackBird.mpg

Variable Cylinder protoype could mean new Honda Blackbird

Honda's stand at the Paris show featured an engine with variable cylinder management which could hint at a new Honda Blackbird for the lump to go in. In the ...

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Gm did this back in the early 80's. they were fuel injected Caddys. The valves opened,and the fuel injection stopped on 1/2 of the V8. In the end 4 cylinders wore out,and lost compression sooner,and when the did you had to lay in the gas peddle harder to make it fire on all cylinders. Total gas savings .056%. It was a marketing scam,just like GM's Diesel what a piece of s**t that was,a Diesel engine with a DuPont Polymer injector pump. Mer/Bens pump was all bronze,and lasted over 1,000,000miles
although in a OHC engine it is possable to hold closed the valve by changing the orientation of the cam in respect to the rocker. The cam would have to between the rocker bearing and the valve instead of on the other side of the bearing and would be used to close the valve instead of open it, and the valve spring would be used to open the valve. or the cam lobe being keyed and seperate from the cam shaft and the key being retractable making the lobe free from the shaft perhaps
The same effect can be realized merely by building a hi-po 4 cylinder and then electronically adjusting it's air/fuel ratios...How do you think a Corvette can get 28mpg? Because it rarely uses it's full potential. Just because a vehicle has a big, powerful engine does NOT mean it can't be efficient, all boils down to volumetric efficiency and vehicle weight/aerodynamics. You floor it, you get 10mpg, you cruise on a nice flat road, you can get 30+mpg just by using 10% throttle.
Chrysler has had MDS (Multi-Displacement System) since about 2006 and it works great (no drawback to reliability or consistency over time). Currently just the 5.7L Hemi employs MDS, which is said to improve fuel economy by about 20% in 4-cylinder mode. ALL current Hemi 5.7L vehicles (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram) have MDS, except in manual transmission vehicles where MDS is disabled. It's harder to make a good 6-cylinder "MDS" system since a 6-cylinder is naturally unbalanced.
Even if efficiency is higher during 3-cylinder operation using the "spring analysis" if you will, you have the same amount of reciprocating mass. Plus there is still the friction of 6-cylinders even when they are well-oiled, AND pistons aren't pushing with perpendicular force on the crankshaft via the connecting rods except in two instants for an infinitely small amount of time (on one side going up and on the other going down). It certainly will boost fuel economy though.
All the people going on about vibrations and breakdowns, etc - just think about Honda's reputation and approach to engineering. For them to even show this I'd wager they have already solved all major issues and tried quite a lot more out than you would think. Try not to compare it to GM's idea which basically involved giving the car a missfire on purpose. Honda's will be properly developed and actually do what its meant to.
@Richarde1969 A few auto companies are already producing engines with variable cylinder management. This video is of the J-Series V6 used in the Honda Odyssey and Accord, some V8 Chrysler vehicles also use some version of it. The energy lost in compression is regained when the air inside the cylinder expands again, just like with a spring. There is a gain in efficiency.
@maplelaffs - yeah, but that was an entirely mechanical deactivation system fitted to a none-too-good engine. Now we're able to do things electronically - as with the new Audi/Bentley 4.0 twin turbo V8. I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar with Dodge/Chrysler using Fiat's MultiAir tech.
two in line 3 paired up and you can cut fuel and spark to one half or oppisite ends and it will function because as long as the cylenders are ballenced it will work and as it says above its honda and thy are japs and like to do things right and not be dicraced
The valves were not held closed. Not possible. Cams still rotate. Anything in the way would be destroyed. The valves functioned as normal with the exception that a solenoid held the the intake valve open during off cycle, and killing that injector.
unsure how it's done on an OHC engine, but on the HEMI there are collapsable lifters in 4 of the cylinders (inner left bank, outer right bank) that allow the outer shell of the hydraulic lifter to move but keeping the inner portion stationary.
@DeutschWaffenSS Mitsubishi have had this since 1992 in the form of MD Modular Displacment, my v6 mive shuts the valves in front bank of cylnders at times of low engine load to further reduce pumping losses, 300,000ks and still working fine,
Yeah but then if you are only using 3 then you are dragging 3 other cylinders and a crank along with it. Maybe if there was some type of clutch engagement that would faciliate added cylinders. That would be more efficient I would assume.
@Richarde1969 actually, if theyre well oiled, the pistons dont produce much friction, and i dunno if this video shows, it, but both the intake and exhaust valves are supposed to stay open on inactive cylinders.
That would cause a huge pulsing effect in the intake causing a destruction of the Herm holtz effect in the in take plenum there by greatly effecting the cylinder filling efficiency.
@DeutschWaffenSS - what? Straight sixes have inherent primary and secondary balance, flat sixes at least primary balance... it's only cheapskate V6s that aren't balanced.
For real Variable cilinder: prototype SAAB 1600 in end '90 with moving head: DOWN more piston compression en low torque, UP high end power. The problem was oil leakage.
But Dodge v8 already do this: in acceleration they use 8cyl , cruising 4 cyl by stoppin the connection of the rods between valves and camshafts. Nothing new!!!

2001 Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD C20142

2001 Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD C20142.

Drag Racing a Honda CBR1100XX at Thunder Valley, Bristol, TN #2

Spun wheel during start, 12.723 sec at 119.03 mph in the 1/4 mile.

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Haven't gone back this year too busy flying...it was just for fun, second time I had taken that bike to the strip. Maybe next year. You can't see it, but the license plate is a Handicap one, so I don't get out much with that bike. If I can ever get one of my other friends to take his Wing out, I would race my Wing alongside.
The youngin couldn't see where my number was, so they could report who was in the left lane. I was number 1, so it looked like a slash mark on the sticker they put on, making it hard to read I guess.
Avoiding wheelspinn, wheelie and still being on the limit in the start is the trick. Have you improved?
what were the techs pointing at on your bike in the beginning?

HONDA CBR1100XX Super BlackBird Cornering ( thailandcircuit ) 14/01/2010 ( Mr.uchijima Sayan )

HONDA CBR1100XX Super BlackBird Cornering ( thailandcircuit ) 14/01/2010 ( Mr.uchijima Sayan )

Honda Blackbird CBR 1100 Full Micron Exhaust no packing

1997 Honda CBR1100XX 1/4 mile drag race

My Blackbird, third pass ever on a bike 1/4 mile 10.833@130.38, 1/8 mile 7.061@104.95.

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Thanks. Is your bike lowered? I lowered the front and the rear of my bike. you do the rear by rotating the triangle linkage under the shock. and lower the front by sliding the fork tubes through the trees. Doing this will definitely help keep the front down. other than that and full micron pipe my bike is stock. you should be able to launch at up to 6000 rpm no problems. I believe I left at 5800 here at 6k my front end comes up a few inches
Thanks for the info., My bike is 97 bone stock! I just go out to our local 1/8 mile track once in awhile on grudge nights, so I think Im going to leave it stock, as I like the twisties also. If you want a rush, try taking a ZX14 down the strip!! YEE-HAW LOL
You got skill's man! Good run. I wish I could launch my Bird without the front-end standing up. LOL
Mines a 97 too! whoa man 2012 ZX14r.. ME WANT!!!!!!
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