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1994 Honda ST1100 Review

Best god damn economy tourer out there. 1994 ST1100 79000 miles and rising, great bike.

User Comments

Nice review! I've got a '96 ST1100 and it's been a great bike. Highly recommend it! It is not a sport bike but eats miles like there's no tomorrow, carries a ton of crap, handles very nicely and is all-day-long comfortable. One minor point....the gas tank is 7.4 gallons.
+Gregory Wills Agreed, got mine up to 85K now, bought another one for my brother to ride when he comes over, it started off doing 42 mpg on my commute, I cleaned the KN and it started doing 46, rode it a bit harder and ran some fuel cleaner through the carbs it now does 50 mpg on my commute, f*ckin A.
I've got a Pan just now.Nothing wrong with it,but it's biggest problem is that it's NOT an FJ1200.I've had 3,and would swap the Pan for another in the same condition.The engine in the FJ is head and shoulders above the Pan,and I've done 600 mile days on one,so it does the tourer thing just as well.
+gregg ferns I have both, I really like the ST but I love the FJ212 and if I had to choose 1 it would be the FJ. However, in my mind I see them as two different tools, the ST is obviously very staid and touring orientated and I use it as such, I find it smooth and easy to ride. The FJ has a much more powerful motor and when I ride it I ride more like a dick - for me it's a sport bike. Giving the ST more power would make it less of a complete package I think. Either way both very good bikes.

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