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Fuel economy honda del sol Videos

Eclipse 2g AWD vs Honda del Sol.MPG

VTEC fly by CRX del Sol EG2 B16A2.mpg

Auf einem Privatgelände in Hünxe mal mit meinem alten Del Sol EG2 im VTEC gedreht;-)

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Einfach nur übertrieben geiler Sound, Msd/esd leer :P ? oder 200/100Zeller ?
Sound is super, laut und kernig. Wie hast du das ganze kombiniert?
this car looks so clean any pics ormore vids?
Suppi Sound!! Wasn das fürn ESD???
selfmade Anlage;-)
nice looking car

Honda CRX Del Sol Targa.avi

Honda CRX Del Sol Targa Displacement : 1590 cc (97 cu in) Bore and Stroke : 75 mm × 90 mm (3.0 in × 3.5 in) Rod Length : 137MM Rod/Stroke : 1.52 ...

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good way to ruin a nice car rice body kit rice paint job rice taillights and did you paint the fucking spoiler orange???? RICE

seafoaming a 93 honda del sol (this is how i do it.)

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Good thing you put those HONDA decals bro looking good, I wouldn't have guess what car is that.. pretty awesome. you should put more honda decals, Like on the side mirror's put H emblem there. Also don't forget about the hood put something really huge H on it so everyone would know is a HONDA with lighting that makes it look like THE Flash.... LMFAO... holly shit, riced bowl with chapstick.... 
really don't recommend doing this. Old cars (especially 20 year old Hondas that have most likely been beat on) can have worn rings, and they're actually being sealed by carbon buildup in the cylinders. Seafoam and products like it can actually break this carbon up and then you may run into loss of compression. If you're hell bent on getting those FEW horsepower back, consider a rebuild.
who give a shit what he put on he's car . does he complain about your shit buckets .
Way to be over dramatic lol thanks for showing though.
check out my RHD Crx- Del Sol
The Decals look bananas .
WHAT is with the decals?!
Riced out. Haha

My 1994 Honda Del Sol

Its for sale anyone wanna buy it for parts let me know.. All parts are efficient.

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Brooo turbo that Shit, I'm getting mine painted right now. I have a turbo package I need to slap it in, but also you can get some 6.5 that fit both door and rear, sound way better than factory trust me
Nice! I like it better the green. Check mine. I did it nice. Check my turn signals. Let me kno if u like.
what you want for the head lights and tail lights

Honda Del Sol H22 1/4 Mile

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Honda CRX del sol esi 125ps exhaust & 0-100 (150)

honda crx del sol EH6 (125PS) 0-150 - gear 1 (0-60) gear 2 (60-100 . not good to see because of the perspective but its on 100kmh) gear 3 (100-150) ...

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hey, wo hast du die plasma tachoscheibe her? :D will auch unbedingt eine :/ und wieso hast du nur n powerrohr drin ohne luftfilter?
die felgen hab ich auch. wie viel zoll hast du drauf? :) und hast ein gewindefahrwerk drin?
Sry aber mein 120 psiger geht sehr viel besser ... Versuch mal besser zu schalten
könnte daran liegen, dass er bis in den begrenzer getreten hat.
oil problems

92-95 EG Hatchback (D15B7) vs 93 Honda Del Sol S (D16Z6 Swap)

The 93 Honda Del Sol S had a D15B7 Manual Engine in it.. was swaped with a D16Z6. Trying to see the difference between these 2 motors. EG hatch had ...

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Thats the slowest d15b7 i have ever seen with all the mods you say you have lol
lol they both slow motors. just a comparison between the D15B7 and D16z6 SOHC vtec. just basic mods basically. the del sol was mine way long ago lol. 

Gustavo's AWD Del Sol!

first time out at the track (i think best run was 13.3) Really unique set up, has potential to be a lot faster. CMI march 2013.

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I did not jump the light I had the handicap. That was a 10 second srt4. And that was the first time at the track with many issues still. now it's tuned on hondata and making 420awdhp running low 11s
+Gustavo Garcia hey man i have a del sol with a b20b in it from a crv was it hard to convert to awd? can u tell me a little about it? also have a civic hatch ej6 with a d15b and a 8lb flywheel built tranny and an e-brock turbo kit i havent tested it on the track as of yet just put 1000 on the tranny and its ready!
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