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Fuel economy honda element 2007 Videos

2007 Honda Element EX 4WD AT - for sale in Columbus Grove, O

2007 Honda Element LX 4WD AT - for sale in Nunica, MI 49448

2007 Honda Element LX 4WD AT - for sale in North Ferrisburgh

2007 Honda Element LX 4WD AT - for sale in Chicago, IL 60639

Manny Autos Inc 2050 N Cicero Ave in Chicago, IL 60639 Come test drive this 2007 Honda Element LX 4WD AT for sale in Chicago, IL.

honda element 2.4 gas mileage

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2007 Honda Element

This is Segment three from Miles Around 06/03/07. Nik and Dennis take a look at the 2007 Honda Element.

User Comments

This is a great little car/suv. AWD isn't the best in the snow but better than 2WD. I wouldn't even think about hosing it out, but I do use a spray bottle and rag to "mop" the interior. I know some people hate how it looks but I like how it looks. The Scion is so ugly. I disagree that it needs more power, I think it SHOULD BE getting 34 MPG on highway though. I put two twin mattresses and 2 box springs in the rear and they fit perfectly. Granted the seats were removed and both hatches left open.
they must be joing right? i prefer the plastic look. not easy to scratch if its paint, hell, i lean my bike on the plastic, not much abuse on my 04. for city use, yeah, its gonna look weird, but if you're going outdoors and stuff, you rather have plastic than painted. "ohh sh*t, i scratched my paint, what to do?!" kids? its not a family sedan. it opens up for loading. i throw my bike in, close up the doors, gone. hose down? another marketing "myth". its all metal under the plastic.
They forgot to mention when you get the EX series it comes with an AWSOME subwoofer. Me? I prefer teh plastic side panels as if you are ever in a wreck they are super cheap to replace. I replace the entire plastic front end for just around $380 and I suspect it to be same price for the bumper. The bad- The tires that come with it suck! feels like driving on baloons making wobbly. Buy some michellen tires and you will be VERY happy.
The one with the plastic corners is MUCH MUCH better. Also only has 4 seats, 4 belts, no way of adding a 5th seat. "Bed" feature is very uncomfortable. Engine gruff is very annoying. Stereo lacks mid-tones really badly causing the music to lose too much detail. Sunroof is above passengers, not above driver. 24 mpg. If you go really lightly, you can consistently do 22 mpg in the city. It's far from perfect.
I wonder if they're pressured to not talk about things like gas mileage. I can tell you that the listed gas mileage is not accurate (something that is supposed to be corrected for all auto manufacturers soon) because my Element was terrible on gas and I had the front-wheel drive, not the AWD which is even worse! It was my only real complaint about the vehicle, but such a big issue that I sold it.
I own a 2004 Element and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Yes, I'm a school teacher an avid sea-kayaker and bicycle rider, not to mention my enthusiasm for camping, so it suits me very well. I still get an average of 24 mpg and have nothing but praise. I just hit 70,000 miles and only one average shop visit. Painless and fun. I'd buy another and probably WILL. Elements are the BEST!!!!!
I LOVE my Erement!!! It's amazing how huge they feel on the road. It feels like I'm driving an H2 until I drive by another Element, and then it's like "wow" they're really not big at all. Seriously test drive one and you'll fall in love. (oh, and it's a Japanese car so we always refer to it as the eRemant... hate all you want :) ;) XD
yeah and it has one of the worst riding back seats i have ever been in. you are in constant up and down motion when going down an interstate at 75. it makes it virtually impossible to be comfortable let alone do things like watch a movie or sleep. I do like pretty much everything else about it including the plastic fenders.
The plastic corners where a major asset why this car was so good. You could drive through a snowbank without having to worry about scratches or dents. It lasts longer that way. It's really stupid to replace those plastic panels with metal panels. Rust quicker too.
do you know if they are buit in japan? I heard this makes a difference in reliability. Some toyotas are made here in the U.S. I'm seriously considering this car, so it was great to hear that you've had virtually no trouble with it!
Wow! I think there might have been something wrong with your car. I switched from a 1998 Honda Civic Hatchback to a 2003 Honda Element and I barely noticed a difference at the gas pump. I've got the AWD though.
Man, I hated these SUV's for years. Then, recently, I actually checked them out. I was totally wrong, these cars have so much personality it's unreal. They are the perfect midsized vehicle for dog-owners too!
i have an 06 does everything i need its awesome i camp regularly just replaced the radio with a high end pioneer unit 140K and never been to the shop for anything but scheduled maintenance
it's not like a small car, at all the AWD only kicks in when the front wheels loose traction also you can't hose out the inside!!! you can have a little water but no full hosing.
i own the one in the picture and i have to say that its great all around car!!! and so versitile..and very zippy with the ivtec motor!! and i get compliments were ever i go! :)
Is there a vsc on element? If there is one you have to turn that off to get it moving on sand snow etc. should be turned back on tho once its no stuck
Good thing I got the flight package with mine. Seriously, i can climb anything and have towed tons of audi's and bimmers out of the snow.
The element is my first 4wd vehicle and I love it! Drove it twice in snow and laugh at all the 2 wheelers on the road durring winter.
DO NOT hose out your Element! You will fry the srs sensor and other electronics located under the plastic floor
@inachu I did the same thing! You couldn't do with any other enclosed vehicle other than a Suburban!
no personality? the element is one of the most recognized cars on the road. this guys full of shit.
I bought a 50" flat screen TV and it fit inside my element! Raaa!
pulshrk, look into the K&N company's intake kit for the Element.
10HP increase? no no, only 6. 160HP/161torque 03-06
We just bought a used 2007 Element and LOVE it!!
Actually that is the only Honda I would buy.
The panels are still plastic.. just painted
what year did the vtec start with elements?
Element gonna be another PT cruizer soon...
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