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Honda economy generator model en2500al Videos

Honda E2500 Generator G300 engine 6HP

with lawn boy gas tank lol all we had to do is replace the points and condenser and put that gas tank on.

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Thats awesome man :) Definitely digging the half RPM thing. I wonder how they did it... Drew's military generators have huge windings so that they can do the half RPM thing, but that unit looks the same size as mine. I wonder if they stepped the pulley sizes in the back? Like larger engine pulley, smaller generator pulley. Driving the generator at 3600 rpm, at 1800 engine rpm. Maybe i could do that with mine! :) Get some different pulleys
At IDLE a DAMN Long time believe it or not with that tank I Just got a old generator tank and strapped it on now
Lol! I have the same generator and its missing the gas tank too!
@bluebowtie01 2500 watts surge at 1800 rpm i think
Before year 1990 Model old generator
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