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3500w economy honda generator Videos

Honda EG 3500 Generator

Short video of generator running - part of Craigslist listing.

Honda EP4500CX Petrol Generator - Start up

For sale on TradeMe Nov. 2015: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=977470081.

Gas consumption 8kw 15hp generator NO load

This video shows the gas consumption of 8KW generator with NO load on it. The syringe is 60cc marked in 10cc increments. You can calculate liters per hour by ...

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thanks for your vids very helpful

7kva generator load test 1

Faulty 7kva generator below specs. 3500W max.

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I like the way you load test, yes I'm with you , if it says 7kw it must go over that not less, if you paid $5g for it you over paid, I'm planing to buy a Chinese diesel generator 15 kW I'm planing to do the same load test to what it says and I will run with max load for 1hour if it can run with max load for one hour I think my test I calling it passed. This junk talk to e-bay and see what you can do , don't just let it go..
+Anura Yapabandara Hi Thanks for your comment, The generator works well up to the 3500W it just isn't the 7kva size I was attempting to buy. I payed $750.00 at an Ebay auction,but it has worked well when we had a blackout for 6 days with no mains power,Kept the fridges and freezer running fine and still able to watch 60" tv's and run computers ok it is a pure sin wave generator and haven't had any trouble using it. It was just miss rated for the size. Unfortunately this seller no longer exists on ebay can't get a replacement.Can you tell me what 15kw generator you are looking at? and a link to see it please.? Regards Neil
WARNING Don't buy one of these False up-rated 7kva Generators 
Hi Neil, thanks for that. Having a squiz, looks pretty interesting. Only thing that's worrying me is the wave distortion. Going to have a closer look at that. Really want a genie that can do household type power; which I think is less than 3% distortion
+d1rtrac3r Wow $5.500 dollars is a lot of money. You can but a 14kva industrial generator for that money. If I were you have a look at blue diamond generators, they sell a 9kva petrol unit 8000watt cont. There in WA and supply all parts for there units. Just Google blue Diamond and have a look, there also on ebay... Regards.Neil
Hi, yes, that helps a lot. Very informative. Unfortunately I think I am going to have to go down the Honda type road, probably an EU70is, about $5,500 with 1 yr commercial warranty. Feel the need to go down that road, as in the last 3 months my existing genie has fried about $1,500 worth of equipment; don't want to take anymore chances. Thanks again for your time and info
+d1rtrac3r Hi This generator was bought on ebay from raredeals was the seller but they are no longer a registered user. It was around $750.00 and about $100.00 freight it weighs 55kg. It was claimed to be 7kva which should provide 5000Watts continuous however it does not and only produces 3500watts which is ok and it works fine up to that output power. We had a blackout some months ago and had no mains power for 6 days while the repaired damaged line in our area. We had the generator running most of the day up until midnight for the 6 days to keep the fridges going and it runs most things it got us thru very well and is a nice little generator. It was just falsely represented as having more power than what we paid for, it is also not as quiet as the specs claim,(see my other video)All that aside I have about 150 hours of use logged up on it now and has worked perfectly fine. During the 6 day blackout I used 2 X 20Lt jerrycans of 98 petrol so 60 lt in 6 days running about 18 hours each day continuos. Hope that helps
+vk2kyg Hi, thanks for this. Some more details on the genie, and where you bought it, perhaps the price paid delivered if appropriate would be great? I have bee looking around at a lot of genies lately; very much overdue for a new one, as my namebrand, but well used tradie generator is dying, and killing a lot of $$$. Like many, I am trying to save some dosh, but it's looking like a false economy. I need to run a big rotory hammer drill, rattle gun and 1500w vacuum at once; the Honda eu70is is looking like one option, but at $6000..........OUCH!

ETQ 6950 Watt Power Generator

http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=760956 This offers efficiency and "techno clean" energy, and lots of it! Super-duty pro-grade built, with big ...

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yes i have the TG8250 GENERATOR and it runs the house. everthing in my home. good video..
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