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Fuel economy of honda hornet 250 Videos

Honda Hornet 250 ( Amila Chassi 105 ).MPG

Honda Hornet 250, Black, Mint Condition.

HONDA HORNET 250 & JADE by Gayan Ranasinghe

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Hi Gayan, seems like u are a bike lover... Need to get some advise regarding a bike which i want to buy, i was thinking to buy a honda Jade.. Can u please give me ur ideas about this bike.. Thanks...
So similar! I have a Jade, in that exact colour... The Hornet just has slightly different shaping in the tank and fairing. (and a larger rear tyre ) Love my Honda!
hey bro ...I m looking for a Honda hornet 250 .. so can we talk further about that ??
Can you tell me the Oil dipstick parameter? Thank you! :)
nice and clean bike.I like that.looking good machan....
which bike better for touring?
Honda Jade is better
Nice, clean example

My 2nd Honda Hornet 250

This is my 2002 Honda Hornet 250.

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im not using my mail .. add me on google talk - tmdrockz.... skype - tmdrockz...Black hornet eka thyenne dan .. blue eka dunna
No Idea of selling yet machan.. add me on facebook Thenura Dissanayake
mata ehanem Phone num Eka mage E mail ekata ewana
if yu selling this bike plz tell me i like to buy
machan mata E mail address eka ewanawada?
mata Fb Link eka ewnawada profile eke
machan mata mail eka hambuna
Which model is this hornet
mama skype add karaganme
mabn fb eken ain una ban
Nice hornet best colour
did yu sell this?

Honda Hornet 250 {125 Chassis} (Hornet 250.)

Ride back home on a Honda hornet 250

Watch in 720p or above~ First of all, I'd like to let everyone know that I'm relatively new to motorcycling and got my riding licence just a couple of months ago and ...

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This was my first bike I learnt ride on, Man what a great machine. unique sound
Gotta agree with you. This is my first bike as well! I'm still in love with the sound. Specially when it goes beyond 8000rpm. From a whine to a scream =D

Honda Hornet 250 (Cb250f1)

This is my first bike.. 2002 hornet 250 .. blue colour Sri lanka.

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I have the same bike too! :)
Black Hornet eka dunada?
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