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Fuel economy honda civic hybrid 2007 Videos

2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

This is Segment three from The Fuel Show 03/11/07. The team take a first look at the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid.

User Comments

I honestly do not see a reason to get a hybrid for fuel savings. You spend an extra 3 to 4000 bucks to save only a few MPG's It would take over 5 to 7 years just to break even with the Non Hybrid Civic, and thats not including the battery that will die eventually. thats an extra couple of G's to replace that. Im not trying to be negative but people should know what the true costs of owning a hybrid and ask themselves is it worth spending extra on a hybrid to get a minimal return on savings.
I love mine better than any car I own or ever owned. I love to drive circles around those canyonero's out there literaly. I can cruise at 85 so why do you need a gas guzzler? You get 50 mpg and My friend with his Prius we campaired everything together and he admits he's getting the Honda next. I just like the trunk most. Name me one other 50mpg car with a trunk big enough to haul anything I need? So if you thinking about getting one buy one you'll love it. Get the Honda care warranty to.
I bought the '07 Civic Hybrid in February, and I'm so far very pleased. Granted, I have the leather/navi options, but so far my only complaints are acceleration uphill, which is slow, and the fact that the back seat won't fold down to expand trunk space. But its a silky smooth drive, great handling and breaking. I strongly suggest this vehicle to anyone who has a long uninterrupted highway commute.
a. Here in Greece, and i think in many countries, you get reduced car taxes for hybrid cars. b.Customers pay much more to buy a hybrid car than a normal one. I think that the car manufacturers should also give up some of their profits to help the environment and reduce these awful prices.
In my opinion, this car far exceeds the prius's build, ride and just overall look of the prius. the civic looks like a regular little sporty family sedan, and the prius just looks like a space ship that hit a meteorite! idk just my opinion...
I got an 07. Its ok. I would have been happier with the TL and I still miss my mustang (except for the crappy mpg). Its a very good commuter car but when the ima charge is low this it moves like a turtle in quick sand.
0:05-0:13---Will the real slim shady please stand up. I'm buying a Civic Hybrid in the next couple of months. Any advise on what year hybrid I should buy.
... Where is that show filmed? The driving footage during the Drivability section was in Calgary...... Looked like it was along Memorial Drive.. Weird...
I agree. Hybrids are way more expensive, so the only reason you should get one is if you're concerned about emissions... not fuel savings.
the guy on the right is an asshole - he gave it poor scores because he doesn't like hybrids...maybe big oil funds this show?
How come there is a 1.8L and a 2.0L? In my country there is only the 1.4L version with 115hp.
I'm sorry, I'm french and I not understand why it's a 5 gear box...with hybrid technology...
How did you get leather in your Hybrid? I thought leather wasn't offered on the civic!
I Love mine better than any car or truck I ever owned. Easy to park and drive.
This car is awesome, but I still like the Honda fcx clarity
I agree completely. but still I would like to own one:)
I still think it deserve a much higher score.
sleep only 360hp with a V8 AHAHAHAH
my mom just bought one
what's the top speed?

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