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Fuel economy honda civic hybrid 2008 Videos

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid #BA118431A in Fredericksburg VA SOLD

http://www.pohankahondaoffredericksburg.com/ SOLD - If you are looking for real value on a great used car, Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg VA invites you to ...

Honda's New Insight Hybrid

Honda has been working hard to compete with Toyota in putting out affordable hybrid vehicles, and the brand new Insight hybrid that they unveiled at the LA ...

User Comments

Yea they are... Shots of the Civic that is. She also says it's comfortably sized 4 door... (5 door and you cant know if it's comfy if no one outside Honda has sat in it) Then she says it will be more efficient than the Prius... We know nothing about the MPG estimates except some leaked data from Belgium which put it slightly higher MPG than the Civic Hybrid but NOT above the Prius and unverified info from Japan that put it at about 15% less efficient than the Prius. (still very high MPG tho)
I dont absolutely like it, but i dont hate it either. The whole split gauge or at least digital display all the way in the back is a GOOD idea, very ergonomical and easy to see while driving. Just wish they didnt let an 8 year old Japanese boy with a pencil design it, could be much better made. Good idea, badly executed.
the VX and the Suzuki Sprint/Geo Metro got 50mpg as those cars did not have todays safety measures like door beams airbags etc. basically they were so light it got good mileage you can make an 80mpg civic made out of Kevlar Carbon Fiber panels but expect to pay around $60,000 for it
anyone remember the 1992 honda civic VX it was rated at 55mpg and had good performance with its vtec engine. I bought one for 11000 dollars new. why not just bring back the VX at 14000 and see how many hybrids people will buy when they have a sensible choice like the vx
@johnnecron Uhuh, lol 55 mpg AT BEST when you drive highway. City you drop. With an Hybrid such as the prius, a real full hybrid, u gain when u know how to push and glide, you WIN! I do 80 mpg in downtown LA and 65 mpg in any long roads city. I love the Prius
That interior is to the Honda Civic isnt it? i think they messed up on that
Best looking hybrid, apart from the CR-Z of course.
aren't those interior shots of a Civic?
That's the inside of a civic ...
LOL civic interior. fail.
fuck that. get the lambo

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