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Bernie, Hillary, Donald "Who will bring back the jobs?" Economy in Crisis - YouTube

Bernie, Hillary and Donald, all have a plan for revitalizing the economy. Bring back the jobs from China, Mexico, India and coming soon Vietnam, but what if the ...

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Do You not think the coming robot revolution is tied to the influx of "new-comers"....its part of a bigger less savory agenda, a future of domestic conflict.....just the way I see it.
The zionist banksters who run everything have said "The white race is our enemy". Sanders, Soros (aka SCHWARTZ), Feinstein, Schumer, ALL ZIONISTS.
JOBS Sure, bring the jobs back at $15.00, just paid my mex peon 1.62 hour. I am moving my factory to mexico.
That's the reason why Americans should learn how to be nice to Foreigners. Because pretty soon they will have to go overseas to look for jobs.
government does not create jobs, they promise to but if the economy is in the tank what can they do..
Americans create the jobs, gov't gives them away to other lazy, jealous nations. It's called communism.
Tell all the government employees that government doesn't creat jobs. Under FDR the government created lots of jobs.

Help Missouri compete in today's economy and create more new jobs!

Employers Add 80,000 Jobs As Economy Struggles

U.S. employers added only 80000 jobs in June, a third straight month of weak hiring that shows the economy is still struggling three years after the recession ...

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The BigRich/BigBusiness Bush&Dick Republican TeaBagging Bonerheads got their tax breaks, their bailouts, their bailout bonuses and still they don't invest in America, don't create jobs, & keep their boots on the backs of the Poor BottomClass Americans. The BigRich are happy to steal Trillions, while insisting that the Poor BottomClass should be grateful that they are unemployed, uninsured, unhoused, & unfed cause this keeps government small. What a bunch of crap! Yo BigRich, where are the jobs?
Ok...but all ov your eco problems began when they finally lowered my p-time hours to almost nothing and then some say they are family with others here: fbi/cia and federal police of other jurisdictions like Canada and then guards of all of their wives/kids and then they fight over their stuff with Mr President around ... and he won't think he is dead someday potentially ? but just below: (they lumped it under Religious Persecution & not torture due to War..that was the fbi Buffalo working)
In the State of Texas it's an "at will state!" The temping game started back in the late 80's with all major corporations to increase their revenue and it hasn't slowed down it's only gotten a lot worse. It's best to look for work for small companies at least you won't get the axe after 6 months to 1 year only to be replaced by a temp.
Gather with people in your community, and spread the news on what is happening in America. This is NOT how citizens in their own country should be treated. Corporations are holding the increase of jobs and wealth ransom, and their collusion with our government is ensuring a gap between the poor and the rich that will only widen.
There needs to be laws set in place where they company can't go through temps like that. They should be made to have hire on policies. I know where I work we have 3 temp agencies all working in the same building and there are maybe only 5 people working for the actual company itself out of a few hundred people a shift.
Struggling? Wasn't what happened 2 me at HUD Buffalo and for 1990-93 like torture ? Yes, but I don't know how. Drugs used 4 person (me) to die at night while supposed to be sleeping and since they were at work with me too. They knew hours worked on eastern front USA line or Buffalo new york near Erie Lake East Tip.
well be sure to file your unemployment asap and ride that shit to the end. It's doubtful you'll find anything in this job market. If you want a job within the week you can always buy a one way ticket to china or India. Thank Bush for NAFTA and thank Obama for not repealing that bullshit.
I think we're heading backwards..the job situation is really bad. I'm about to lose mine..I think I have another month at my current job since the company I work for got bought out..here I go again. Second job that has gone belly-up. Never seen anything like this.
There are way too many people on this earth and in this country. 100 or even 50 years ago 80,000 jobs would've been greeted with ecstasy, now it's not even enough to keep up with half of the demand for jobs.
Big corporations higher temps for a short time without having to pay for holidays, sick days or medical benefits. Then they let that temp go just to hire another and then another.
We need to be adding 360,000 jobs each month to keep up with population growth. We are complaining because we in essence have a 280,000 job deficit. Read a book!

Andrew Klavan: The Green Jobs Answer Man

The Manhattan Institute is proud to present the first in a series of animated videos created by Andrew Klavan, City Journal contributing editor and creator of ...

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All the proof we need to know that we should go nuclear instead. Thorium reactors anyone?
+Doctor Grant Fission is for the 20 century the 21st century is most likely to benefit the most from fusion!
NO! It creates salt! We don't want salt in our green world!
If we REALLY want green energy, we need to stop wasting money on these "green jobs" and go with HYDROGEN POWER. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. As someone said earlier, we need a Manhattan Project sized investment into hydrogen energy. Until we crack that code, we should go nuclear. What would you rather do? Bury uranium rods in reenforced lead boxes shielded from groundwater or burn tens of millions of tons of coal or oil into the atmosphere? Hyrdoelectric power is great, but not every place can use it, and the same is true with geothermal energy.
Yes, because I want to go to the mall and park amongst thousands of mini hindenburgs!
Thorium aswell :)
Seriously, unless we can create a 100% synthetic oil that will run effectively in all of our cars, maybe say out of algae there is going to be a time where we run out of oil. 
+SatsuiIf that's your stance, then my apologies, I misunderstood what you were saying and agree completely.
+MarioFanaticXV Whoever said to hurt the sources we have now? Keep up oil production and then some.And i mean by more promotion of electric powered stuff and solar/hydro/wind power. That way by the time we run out of oil, oil will be obsolete anyways.
+SatsuiHow do we "do more to prepare"? Hurting the energy sources we have does not magically speed up the development of future energy sources.
+MarioFanaticXV I'm saying we should do more to prepare when these things run out. The sun has probably billions of years to go. No worries there. Water isn't going to run out. Maybe clean water but not water unless we start exporting it to Mars.
+SatsuiThis can be said of any resource, even things like water and sunlight. However, creating an artificial scarcity of the resources that are currently abundant does not help the discovery of new resources; let science and the free market do their jobs, don't hinder them.
+Satsui 100% synthetic oil is created from natural gas that is recovered via fracking.
+Nahnya Bosiness I have never heard of the affect but yeah, that was just all the cost to making the first barrel. Most assembly lines are not lined with top notice scientices, what I covered already. The reason I mentioned it was if we never get off shrinking stockpiles, there is going to be a really nasty crunch. That...and how solar power is now used to make gasoline.
+Malice Awesome.
+Nhu Nguyen I meant like farming it. Not just collecting it. Look up algae bioreactors and algae farms. 
Gah! No! Harvesting algae would be a terrible idea! Algae produces roughly 70% of our planet's Oxygen! x_x
+stormweaver82You forgot the Chicago Pile effect. FYI the first nuclear reactor made by humanity could barely power a light bulb. The next reactor could power a small town. Sure the 1st barrel (the proof of concept) was expensive, but now they know all the matierials needed and can begin to make wholesale purchases. And that's just the start.
+Malice I don't mean to say you are wrong. But I would like to say that scientists have actually made gasoline from water and sunlight but so far the first barrel came in at I think 1 million. But your right, it is not as infinite as people want to believe.
+Collegiate Match Fishing Oh yeah I'm so fucking retarded for listening to everyone and everything that has a ton of scientific data that all points to peak oil and the fact that we will one day not be able to pump anymore.You're basically saying we will not run out of oil? Why is no one listening to you? Where is this infinite source of oil?  
I'm pretty sure 100% an idiot. What is "synthetic oil"? Oil from algae is... well, oil. Just like oil from rape seeds is oil. Where do you think all that "organic oil" came from? Algae... dummy. Also, only about 8% of vehicles in the US run on Diesel, so strait up vegi or animal oil won't work. Gasoline is a derivative of sweet light crude, which is a low tar content liquid with non uniformed hydrogenation chain lengths...I'll tell you, instead me illustrating how stupid you are, you can go out there, make a billion dollars and prove me wrong by making cheap "synthetic oil"
I am happy to say that they recently creature gasoline out of water and sunlight. Unfortunately the cost of the first barrel was about 2 million. But that was most likely all researched going into it and it was not an industrial made product.
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