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Fuel economy honda insight Videos

Honda Insight G1 - commuting @ 100 mpg

After installing IMA C&C now regularly getting 100mpg plus.

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Can you explain why the car is getting 100 mpg with a low IMA batt? Are you driving down hill?
The state of the battery is not important in normal driving.  You can see in the video that I am not using any battery assist as I have depleted my pack, but just at the end of the video you can see regenerative braking charging the pack.  The 100MPG +  (my best ever was 136mpg) is due to driving style and the lean burn technology that was in this car from Honda.  If you are within temperature parameters and careful with throttle input you can make find the sweet spot and remain in lean burn (extreme fuel to air mixture ratio) for long periods. 

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