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Honda insight economy Videos

2012 Honda Insight Preview

The 2012 Honda Insight gets a new look, some new features and (believe it or not!) even better fuel economy.

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looks quite similar to the new cr6 or 7
Not bad, I like

Part 3: EGR Plate Removal / Cleaning 1st Gen Honda Insight. 00-06

3rd and last part: This is showing how to remove and clean a 2000-2006 Honda insight EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) plate. its good to keep clean and has ...

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Thanks Taylor, I'll have to try this as I'm getting the herky jerky as you call it. I thought it was caused by blow by, as the engine has 280,000 miles on it. My catalytic converter is also shot and needs replacing. Was getting 65-70 mpg. Now I'm getting 55mpg. If you ever need a battery (Bumble bee batteries) has a better then original pack with higher amps! I gotta hang on to this car as I drive 90 miles each way to work 5 days a week. Thanks again for the video, Rich PS, what year are your Insights?
+Taylor Horn Thanks Taylor, I'll give that a try. 
My advice is to unplugged the EGR valve and see if the problem goes away, if the problem is gone, then I would first clean the egr plate like in the video, then if its still happening I would look into replacing the egr valve itself. If you search on www.insightcentral.net for "herky Jerky" you will learn much.      Yes, I am a firm believer in Bumblebee batteries, Eli the owner has alot of integrity. I have owned about 10 of them, My Current cars are a 2000 Citrus, a 2001 Blue, and a 2003 Silver.
Did it help drivability? Fuel economy? 
Yes, it helps with both. The when the egr plates get clogged the car developes what is known as herky jerky. It makes the engine jerk and surge under heavy load and low revs. Because of the you often have to downshift or use assist to compensate, its also very hard to stay in lean burn if you are driving a manual transmission. All of these things lead to lower fuel economy and worse drivability. I actually did another one of these yesterday on my new insight, it was completely clogged.

2012 Honda Insight Homestead FL 33034

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2014 Honda Insight

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