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Honda insight economy button Videos

Honda Civic ECON Button

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thank you. i was wondering what that button did

Hypermile city test of Honda Insight - Fast round - 16.4 km/l

Hypermile city test of Honda Insight by http://www.evtest.dk FAST ROUND! RESULT: 6.1 l/100 km equals 16.4 km/l I did a 21 km round in the city of Copenhagen ...

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ok the aircondition costs fuel but the main problem in the Insight is the start/stop function didnt work properly or lets say most times it didnt work. i noticed that the engine idle´s near 1000rpm or more !....thats a lot and therefor a lot of fuel consumption .... normal engines run on 700-800rpm
The auto off will only work often with econ on, and the car fully warmed up. Once the car is warmed up it shuts down at every stop.

Push it..The all-new 2010 Honda Insight !

Push, Push, Push it,,real good! This song was created to increase awareness of the ECON Assist Button featured on the all-new 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid ...

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2013 HONDA INSIGHT Clifton, NJ DS001844

2013 HONDA INSIGHT Clifton, NJ DS004821

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