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Fuel economy honda insight 2011 Videos

Honda Insight Man (H.I.M.): August 18, 2011 Update

Lifetime fuel efficiency for my 2010 Honda Insight is 59.1 mpg. Since the Insight is rated at 41 mpg combined, my result so far is 44.1% better than the average ...

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@DBrownofdc thanks! i'm still improving. stay tuned.

Honda Insight Man (H.I.M.): September 29, 2011 Update

Lifetime fuel efficiency for my 2010 Honda Insight is 60.3 mpg. Since the Insight is rated at 41 mpg combined, my result so far is 47.1% better than the average ...

Honda Insight Man (H.I.M.): October 28, 2011 Update

Lifetime fuel efficiency for my 2010 Honda Insight is 61.1 mpg. Since the Insight is rated at 41 mpg combined, my result so far is 49.0% better than the average ...

Honda Insight Man (H.I.M.): July 11, 2011 Update

Lifetime fuel efficiency for my 2010 Honda Insight is 58.3 mpg. Since the Insight is rated at 41 mpg combined, my result so far is 42.2% better than the average ...

Honda Insight Man (H.I.M.) First Video Log

May 01, 2011: Liftetime fuel efficiency for my 2010 Honda Insight is 54.0 mpg. Since the Insight is rated at 41 mpg combined, my result so far is 31.7% better than ...

A Drive in the '01 Honda Insight

Maintaining 65.5mpg on a grocery making mission. Tunes by Aphex Twin.

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Has anyone done a full electric conversion on one of these? It already has the skirted wheels, aerodynamic profile, and a lot of space (existing battery compartment plus the whole truck area). People convert cars getting around 20-30 mpg and they consume 350-400 wh/mile, so this at around 70 mpg should be down to at least the 200-250wh/m range...likely even less. Less power required equals an all round cheaper conversion (less power means less motor, less motor needs less controller, less power
Camera is a Sony DSC-TX9. Takes great still pictures as well, battery life isn't great. ~30 minutes video. You don't have to kill for one of these cars they are pretty cheap now. The weak link with these cars is the high voltage battery, an old prius will have the same problem. I'll be installing mima soon. 99mpg(dot)com/mima and already have a grid-charger 99mpg(dot)com/Projectcars/gridcharger/ Good luck in your hybrid endeavors!
The car weighs 1800lbs, is very aerodynamic, and has low rolling resistance tires. Together, the result is less than ideal for high-speed driving. Personally I try to stay @ or below 60mph because that is where you get great gas mileage. I've managed 90mpg on several trips now. Usually I drive extremely conservatively on the way to my destination and then cheat on the way back. It is very much a game.
If it was electric the mileage would be higher. Doubtful of hsd making mileage higher, if that is toyota's hybrid system you are speaking of. The new smaller prius still doesn't do the mileage.
Shocks I guess. Haven't really looked into it. It drives well, I try not to dwell on all the rattles and bumps. The roads down here really punish cars, especially small ones.
so im planning on buying one used. so honestly should i get one? i want good gas mileage and practicality.and fun obviously too. but
I would kill for one of these cars, but there not the best family car. So I many be picking up a 2nd gen prius in the near future!
lol, i heard that once you hit 80mph, you start to see some crazy stuff going on
I plan I getting one of these soon, they're now pretty cheap 5 to 6 k... Nice!
does any one know the mpg on this car when u turn off the ima battery?
What kind of camera did you use? The quality is excellent.
if it used toyotas hsd, the milage would be a lot higher

2011 Honda Insight Duluth GA Atlanta GA, GA #U864471A - SOLD

http://www.atlantatoyota.com/ SOLD - Call or visit for a test drive of this vehicle today! Phone: (877) 227-9537 Year: 2011 Make: Honda Model: Insight Trim: 5dr ...

2011 Honda CR-Z.wmv

European Debut of Honda CR-Z and refreshed iDTEC equipped CRV in Geneva 2010 Honda CRZ 47 mpgUS combined on the NEDC and 33 mpgUS ...

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@edyken77 Everyone is copying Mazda's Nagare/Furai design language. Even Hyundai... and since Honda hasn't had a coherent design language for, what, ten years now? They're just robbing everyone, like the Koreans do.. everyone from Audi, Toyota (TSX back end = 2000 Toyota Camry? lol) and Mazda, who seems to have no problem leading Japanese auto design since 1990. Honda NEEDS to stop screwing around, with the retarded transformers look a la TL, Oddyssey, and get something original and lasting.
This has exceeded my expectations (which were none). This is above and beyond.... ripping off the Mazda3 hood and nose section. This is just so impressive, the extreme level of gaud and ugliness they have managed to work into the interior. What impressed me the most.... would be the massive blindspot not helped by the tiny rear quarter windows. What an impressive piece of shit.
@danwat1234 lol true. Honda has been too busy spending money on marketing campaigns trying to keep their 80's reputation for reliability going, building stupid robots that can barely walk straight and taking care of warranty claim recalls like cracked engine blocks, peeling new paint, faulty cams, munched transmissions, wheels falling off to develop Direct Injection.. :p
@matrixloader i dont agree, as i have tall brother and friends, i always check the back seats... the CIVIC type R is almost the same internal space and its very good from the back,,, check it your self,,, i never had honda but i guess they are great... i like this car!
@youngbleeb I don't think it is ripping off the lame Mazda3 Smiley front fascia or the hood. I think it has cutting edge style, probably something a lot of people aren't ready for but will eventually like. Did you test drive one and notice those blind spots?
@greekvenom what i mean is that the USA model of the CRZ will not have rear seats, there will only be 2 seats for the USA version of the CRZ, USA gets no rear seats, japan gets 4 seats. thats why i said this car is lame.
Those two kimchi (Korean) cars, Hyundai and Kia are really copy cats. Hyundai Sonata 2011 looks really the same as the VW sedan, while Kia Forte looks exactly the same as Honda Civic. Shame on the kimchi cars.
I like the front but the back is not so much as very 80s and very Japanese for my taste and do not know if this car comes to South America Paraguay Asuncion?
Pheh, why they did not put a direct injection engine in it? It has worse highway mileage than a non-hybrid 2011 Fiesta!
nice but the usa only gets a 2 seater. Lame.
This Exceeded my expectations
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