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Honda legend economy Videos

Honda Legend walk around!

I'll recommend this car, in USA market is called Acura 3.5RL, for around the world from Japanese market Honda Legend. 225hp with 245 torque, specs in ...

Honda-Chef ruft sich selbst zurück - economy

Nach zahlreichen Rückrufen kommt es zu einem Führungswechsel bei Japans drittgrößtem Autobauer Honda. Konzernchef Takanobu Ito wird Ende Juni nach ...

혼다 뉴 어코드 2.4 정속 주행 연비(2016 Accord Fuel Economy) - 2016.02.04

2016 혼다 어코드 2.4의 정속 주행 연비입니다. 정속 주행할 때 연비가 꽤나 잘 나옵니다. 이정도면 성능과 연비 모두 만족한다고 말할 만합니다....

[ETS2] 16.17L/100km Fuel Economy Run

Video title is a typo. It really is 16.17L. 16.16883116883117L/100km to be precise. For posterity's sake.

User Comments

Teehee! 16.16883116883117L/100km to be precise. That's just like me. I love being precise.
hi sir please give mi a mod for this 

World Cup enthusiasm means winning year for Adidas - economy

Balls, boots and strip are selling fast enough for German sportswear firm Adidas to predict it will meet its goal of two billion euros worth of football related sales ...

Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge 2015 Mid Ohio

Craig Vetter holds several challenges throughout the year. Check out his website: www.craigvetter.com.

NEW 2016 Honda Z50M Monkey (Japan) [2016~2017] ~ #FIRSTLOOK #MSRP #REVIEWS

NEW 2016 Honda Z50M Monkey (Japan) [2016~2017] ~ #FIRSTLOOK #MSRP #REVIEWS : we're the monkey bikes... no, doesn't have quite the right ring to it.
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