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Economy honda oil change Videos

2013 Honda Civic Hamilton NJ Trenton, NJ #18092P

http://dealer11512.dealeron.com/ Call or visit for a test drive of this vehicle today! Phone: 855-446-7000 Year: 2013 Make: Honda Model: Civic Trim: 4dr Auto EX ...

2013 Honda Civic Hamilton NJ Trenton, NJ #17995A

http://dealer11512.dealeron.com/ Call or visit for a test drive of this vehicle today! Phone: 855-446-7000 Year: 2013 Make: Honda Model: Civic Trim: 4dr Auto EX ...

Honda CR-V LX vs. Toyota RAV4 LE

2013 Honda CR-V White Plains, New Rochelle, Westchester, Scarsdale, Greenwich, NY STK048879

2010 Honda Civic Presentation (SOLD!)

2014 Honda Accord White Plains, New Rochelle, Westchester, Scarsdale, Greenwich, NY U21004L

generator test 24 engine running on hho

here is the first oil change, after around 30 total hours running, about 50/50 gas hho. HHO H2o Hydrogen Oxygen Electrolyzer stan meyer steam hoh injection ...

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Silence is golden, :) Break-in oil on these small engines always looks black. It's not like its precision engineered, the rings and cylinders are not milled to a fine tolerance. If this was a Honda generator, sure, it would have been cleaner, but once again it goes back to the manufacturing standard. But who wants to spend the money for a Honda when you're planning on beating it up anyways? Not me ;) BTW keep it up D3
You really can't judge the first oil change. A significant portion of the dirt and particulates suspended in the oil will be the debris from the manufacturing and break in process. The next oil change should be a better reflection of the sate of the engine. Nice strategy with 'no sound'. Makes everyone speculate on what you where trying to illustrate. ;-)
gasket is fine. and oil really looks pretty good for the first oil change. All the assembly lube, and extra blowby made it look worst than oil ran for the same time on a broke in motor. The next shot will be oil with only hho run time on it.
I am new to the hho but all the projects we have going are pulling quite a few amps. Can you explain how you are getting such good production and pulling so few amps. Thanks for all the great information you have provided.
Very nice show of what we are to look for in our futures, such as what is happening to the internal components after the introduction of HHO. As always, great work bro. Lefty
exactly, the cross section is pretty dark, but the sample as it is swirled is still very good looking, Remember 30 hrs in your car would be close to 1300 miles.
Will have to repost this vid. Sound didn't take, mic must have gone dead. This is the first oil change, no water, only a bit of carbon, metal flake, and oil.
looks pretty clean-surely there should be sound-you dont really want to us to look at a beaker of oil for 2min 20 sec. do you?
If by do it, do you mean run the engine on lpg or hho? Have you converted the engine over to spark ignition?
He obviously had problems with the editing tool. He'll certainly repost this video. Stay tuned.
Blown gasket or how do you know that came from a motor or is it the morning coffie.
Usually I can tell what going on, but maybe some annotations might be in order..

2008 Honda Civic Sdn #2008HondaCivic Sdn Ford San Leandro - SF Bay Area S10791A

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