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Summer Greeting Bikers Video, Bikers & Motorrad Summer Compilation 2016

(Super Bikes) emphasize speed, acceleration, braking, Best Motorrad Sound and cornering on paved roads, typically at the expense of comfort and fuel ...

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I'm so fucking excited just watching this , imagine riding a bike ! And by the way , great channel with great content , you won a subscriber
+Danny Kanada You too bro
+Soufiane Az I wish the best for you ;)
+Danny Kanada I need to study more , get a job , then i will for sure inchalah !
Get your license and get a bike ;)
What is the bike and the exhaust called, when those huge flames came out (somewhere above 1:00..) And beautiful video! I love the sound and the actual power of those mashines :D
You´re welcome ;) !!
+LeXy great bike, very nice.Thank you:)
Its a BMW S1000RR with an Akrapovic exhaust i think
These videos are amazing! You got a new subscriber :)
+Motorcycle Passion i have already watched almost all of them :D
I'm happy for you, see my other videos
01:40 what ???
I think he says: "Fast huh ?" .. second part from the other guy i dont understand
Keep making these kinds of videos....AWESOME
Thank you for your comment nice. Video News will soon be!!
Thank you!!

Qaiser Electronics Honda Motorcycle Tvc_mpeg2video (1).mpg

Ad Zone Communcations Praim Nagar Mir Street Abott Road Sialkot. 0524-4595886 0321-8616811.

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I dig that paint scheme.
+Joe Mama Yeah, the Matte Brown Metallic is pretty cool and definitely different. Videos and pictures don't do the color justice neither does looking at it in a showroom. Out in the sun, it looks killer when the metallic in the paint really pops.Thanks for taking the time to check out my videos and posting up too!
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