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Fuel economy honda odyssey 2008 Videos

2008 Honda Odyssey Brooklyn Center,Maple Grove,Plymouth,Minneapolis 152526A

2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L http://www.lutherbrookdalehonda.com For more information on this vehicle and our full inventory, call us at (763) 331-6800 Luther ...

Honda Odyssey : DigInfo

DigInfo - http://www.diginfo.tv Honda will launch the new model Odyssey on October 17th. The all new Odyssey, which is the 4th generation of this model, ...

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This is actually the fourth generation of the Japanese-market Honda Odyssey (also for Asian and Australian markets). Unlike the taller US-version, this Odyssey is designed to fit in any public parking garage. Design-wise, the Japanese version's third generation was the real mold-breaker that made a station wagon get away with claiming to be an MPV. Look for it and see what I mean.
When are Honda gonna make a 7 seater for Europe? The Shuttle (Odyssey) went just after 2000 then stream came until 2004 then the FR-V went to 6 seat then end of 2009 we lost FR-V stopped now we have nothing bigger than 5 seats in Europe' Jazz Civic Accord CR-Z CR-V, I think this Odyssey would be a killer in Europe! :D
@number1streetracer But your grandma may think Corolla better suits her, that's the logic from Toyota. Civic may lose big market share of elderly people as it always use cutting edge tech, but toyota may like to make more money so they give up the available advanced design they're capable to have.
This car won't be sold to america, odyssey for US market will be designed as VAN, much bigger than this because US market demand bigger vehicle.. However for asian this is big enough And most of japanese car include this and alphard available in AWD as optional
Ah kalo saya sih, pengen dan punya duit ya beli aja. Tidak usah banyak omong. Komentator di sini kalo aku baca-baca komentarnya seperti orang-orang miskin yg bisanya omong kosong aja. Orang-orang sialan!! (Salam dari Indonesia)
Fuck toyota! You think toyota cars are better than honda? Comparing the two best know sedans: Civic and Corolla, you'll see that the Civic takes a crap on the Corolla from the looks to the performance!
hahahaha you tell them budy,they scew them sell in the ass,and they love it,Ceo is too greedy,trying to make fast product in U.S and don't care about quality and reliability
hahaha that funny,drive by wire is Electronic sensor control in the gas pedal,than transmittied to throttle sensor than tell E.C.U how much throttle is open
cuanto tardara esta en llegar la nueva odyssey a los paises occidentales? veo no conveniente comprar la odyssey 2010 siendo aun la 3ra generacion
fuckin ugly!!!!!!!!!!! u honda people think your so cool huh? well fuck this and the rest of your crappy cars!!!!!!!!! toyota rules!!!!!
Bad ass van....asians the shit....damn if y'all white or black peep don't like it, stick with ur American made peice of junks...
where's dodge? creater or minivan`!! dumbass american automakers lost everything, laziness and bad customer care...
This Odyssey would sell here with an Acura badge. They are so nice inside and spacious and looks dam good too.
probadly da coolest MPV today aside from Alphard.Da japanese version is better than da tall ugly US version
the 2008-present Honda Odyssey/ Guangzhou-Honda Odyssey is assembled in Sayama, Japan Guangzhou, China
dats becoz its as short as sedan ! sliding doors r for big MPVs like da US version of Odyssey !
Honda's design team are apparently legally-blind and into heavy narcotic drugs
That Car is So f-ing Small on the outside but big on the inside Nice Design

2008 Honda Odyssey Elgin, Schaumburg, Bartlett, Barrington, Hoffman Estate, IL 44327A

2008 Honda Odyssey McGrath Honda Elgin: Servicing Elgin, Illinois near Schaumburg, Bartlett, Barrington, Hoffman Estate, IL.

Koons Honda Washington DC Honda Odyssey VS Toyota Sienna

http://www.grabthewheel.com You can test drive the all new Odyssey right here in Manassas at Koons Honda, just outside of Centreville and Washington DC.

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Toyota Sienna is faster cause it weighs less. But the Odyssey can out handle a Sienna anyday. Overall magazines and people alike have picked the Odyssey as the winner. Last year the Honda Ody was the best selling minivan in america, when dodge and t&C went int a ditch. Congrats on ur sienna though it is fast, just dont go that fast in the twisties.
The Sienna is American made ask my uncle he builds them in Indiana.Odysseys are made in Japan.Sienna's are still better!Sienna All the Way!Ps Im a proud 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE owner.Like this up if you wish the Odyssey never exsisted.Like if you wish Honda never exsisted!!!!!!!!!
Yeah the only good minivans are the Honda and Toyota. I agree with you the Sienna handles just ok but predictable with the stock tires... But put some good tires like the Yokohama Avidz TRZ or Kumho's and it drives through twisties like the Odyssey.
They're referring to twenty years from now when the Honda still runs and the Toyota is sinking into the ruts in the back yard along with the exercise bike and the 1980s console television. HA HA!
sienna has more horsepower and better fuel economy and is more spacious and handles bettr cuz it weighs less, HOWEVER, honda offers better crash tests and a nicer interior.
Honda Odyssey is the drivers minivan. Toyota Sienna isnt too attractive and can't handle (its unstable at high speeds and sloppy)
It does not have a more powerful engine. We test drove both the Odyssey was defiantly slower. The Sienna is the best.
all that is untrue fuck off or ill rip of ur balls cum all over ur minivan
The odyssey sucks, sienna is better
ok... Toyota is better then Honda

2008 Honda Odyssey Video at Baltimore Honda Dealer

http://www.heritagehondabaltimore.com Video of the new 2008 Honda Odyssey. The 2008 Odyssey is a 4-door, 8-passenger mini van, available in 7 different ...

Buying a Fuel Saver from Air Fusion Systems

Buying a fuel saver from Air Fusion Systems. Describing the buying experience and reviewing what comes in the box. The Fuel Saver device is supposed to ...

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I installed this and now I get 163 miles per gallon and it added over 300 horsepower!
+Josh Denham Yeah Josh, I had exactly the same experience..................then I woke up !!.
super expensive fuel filter
+Humboldt Greenthumb No, this doesn't go in the fuel line, it is a calibrated vacuum leak device. It leans out the air/fuel mixture by adding air to the intake manifold mixture. Doesn't work, scam.
HelloAFS it is pure nonsense and no one can not convince me that it has savings.All Others no comments

2008 Honda Odyssey Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Weston, West Palm Beach, Miami, FL U097681B

Please call 954-797-1251 and visit http://www.gunthercars.com/searchused.aspx for more information on this vehicle! 2008 Honda Odyssey Gunther ...

Used 2008 Honda Odyssey Fredericksburg VA Richmond, VA #FB067073A

http://www.pohankahondaoffredericksburg.com/ Call or visit for a test drive of this vehicle today! Phone: 540-735-9100 Year: 2008 Make: Honda Model: Odyssey ...
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