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2011 Honda Odyssey revealed

The all-new 2011 Honda Odyssey seeks to redefine the concept of the minivan with its aggressive stance and sporty "lightning-bolt" beltline. The lightning bolt ...

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I'm considering either the 2011 Ford Explorer or the 2011 Honda Odyssey. At the top-of-the-line, the Odyssey is the better value of the two, it costs about $100 less per month, after 60 months, that's a big difference. In the Ford, just the sub-par rear entertainment and it's cool moonroof cost about $5,000... that is called a rip off. Moreover, I suspect that the higher price of the Explorer is because of the unions which I despise, so I may go for the non-union, American-built Honda Odyssey.
Im a fan of Honda but in recent times their cars just keeps getting uglier and uglier. Come on Honda get a European designer or poach one from another manufacturer who has been making great designs. This thing is ugly. Look at 1.07 the window sill lines are not exactly smooth and cohesive in the rear quarter. The rear pillar narrows and looks doesnt blend into the body making it sit like its out of place. The lower body indentations also appear out of place. Amber side markers? Its not the 90s
whoa, some cool gizmos and features to play with. Here in Oz we have the JDM Ody and our one (3rd Gen lux) has proved to be brilliant in every respect except for dismal visiblity around the A pillar, something we have adjusted for and now fixed on the 4th Gen. That exterior sliding door track looks crap but unavoidable, I would love sliding doors on our version! That cooler is the best, could keep a few cans of lager in there...only for demonstration purposes, of course ;-)
Say in a mall parking lot we have five cars (I'm picking large ones ) first one a 2011 Toyota highlander hybrid the second one the brand new odyssey the third one is the 2011 Chevrolet traverse the fourth one is a 2011 Nissan armada and the fifth one is the 2011 Acura mdx and the 5 cars are parked in the back u can easily see the 2011 brand new odyssey just when u exit the store or restraunt ect u can easily see the brand new odyssey HONDA /ACURA RULES
Rims are too small (come on Honda look at the European rim to car & wheel well proportions!) Space on bottom of headlights to bumper appear to be an excess and doesn't add to a well polished tight fit appearance a quality fitment should look. Headlights appear cheap and unsophisticated. Compare to even older Subaru Legacy, Lexus or Audi. What happened to setting standards or matching them?! Not even black housed, led strip etc?
@TheJmacaroni Absolutely. It handles very well, which can be attributed to the lower profile and wider stance. I've been driving bimmers for over 12 years and I'm quite surprised at the maneuverability of this minivan. The interior feels so futuristic and the control layout is quite intuitive. I love it.
FRACTURED CHASSIS LOOK odyssey was the best looking minivan until this fractured chassis look 2011 model. its a setback for honda. honda should look around for offsets to future losses as a result of sales drop. theres radical change that's nice this ones rad but ugly. a lesson in "LESS IS MORE".
Puddle light, ambient foot light... yea great. Did they add an audible alert to remind you headlights were on when the keys are not in the ignition? No? Great! I can sip my red bull and place in the correctly-sized cup holder while waiting for somebody to jump start my brand new $45000 van.
I say the previous odyssey looks so much better then this one. I love honda. But i don't know what happen to this redesign of the odyssey. It looks like a big wagon.Plus why is the van shorter? Im just saying from my opinion.Probably buying a Sienna this year.Im upset about this design.
Truthfully, because they have the courage to buy a Minivan, and don't necessarily care about their image. Second, it is highly practical, and good for children. Minivans can also get expensive, and they seem to have money to buy the expensive ones.
YAY my family just bought ours like an hour ago!!! we left spreen honda at 11:30 pm lol its AMAZING fuck the haters they just mad they cant afford it 100% reccomend this for ANYONE who wants a convinient car with good looks and features
I hate minivans, especially Odyssey. I think half of them are where I live. They are annoying looking and most of their drivers are among the worst on the road. contrary to a bumper sticker I saw on one, minivans are NOT sexy.

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