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2014 Honda Ruckus Photos Gallery

Unique Design Ruckus 2014 the conceive is so exclusive, with wide exhausts, a bare-bones border and twice headlamps. below it all is a thrifty 49cc motor that ...

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this is not a review this is a montage of pictures. This is really disappointing, I'm doing reserch to buy a new scooter, you have failed to give me any usfull information. 

2015 Honda Ruckus

2015 Honda Ruckus acceleration 2015 Honda Ruckus air ride custom honda ruckus build, custom honda ruckus burnout, honda ruckus, honda ruckus ...

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Why even bother making a video that is totally devoid of any useful information?

Summer 49cc HONDA RUCKUS Scooter Ride

Riding my 2007 49cc Honda Ruckus Scooter/Zoomer to do a couple of errands. You get a little bit of everything in this video: summer Anchorage Alaska foliage, ...

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This was one of your best summer rides
+Formula1Fan1299 You definitely don't ride a 50cc scooter for the speed.  However they can be a lot of fun none the less.  Take care.
+msclecarcrzy I rode one of these bikes todaygot 30mph out of it then ran out of road lmao.
How bout some winter snow videos?
+msclecarcrzy Thanks.  We're having a mild winter so far.  Hopefully the roads will be clear of ice and snow by April.
How fast have you gotten your ruckus up to +greenwormsoup ?
+Nathan Larson On the flat I've clocked it between 41 mph to 42 mph with a couple of gps apps.  Downhill with some help from gravity I've hit between 43 mph to 44 mph.  My scooter engine, rollers, etc. are all stock.  Thanks for the question.
Looked like a great day for a ride with your Ruckus. Hope the Alaskan summer's been good you!
Anytime! Take care, as well.
It has been a nice summer up here.  Thanks for the comment and take care.
nice ride by the way,see you got caught by a shower.First time I have seen that on your ruckus ride vids....
yes...that would be great! Thanks green
+msclecarcrzy Thanks for the comment.  I need to do a rainy day Ruckus ride.  I've had it in the rain a few times but didn't have my camera with me.  Take care.
hmmm, didn't know you were moving.Going to miss your anchorage ruckus rides man. :(
+msclecarcrzy We're not moving for a few years at least so they'll be plenty of Anchorage Ruckus rides coming.

2011 Honda Ruckus

Brought home a 2011 Honda Ruckus. I bought off Craig's List in NC. So far a fun little bike.. 49cc and should get 100 plus mpg.

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Great scooter, love the color of the battery box. Check out our no stretch ruckus group if your on facebook.

Putting Gas in my Ruckus

Honda Ruckus on the way to work and then a gas run afterwards. Just a demonstration if one is wondering how one refills gas on a scooter / motorcycle.

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@jinicadiz , it is not hard to understand, 1 its a honda (last forever and great gas mileage) 2 anything about honda scooters is wonderful , 3 just pumping gas and taking short trips is fun + recording it on video even more fun..... he said "okie dokie" = having a good time. I will get a helmet cam soon!
Did you use the same key to open the gas despenser? Because mine i cant open it D:
nice jus got one so fun
great video ,
I don't get it
thanks man

2015 Honda Ruckus acceleration

2015 Honda Ruckus air ride custom honda ruckus build, custom honda ruckus burnout, honda ruckus, honda ruckus acceleration, honda ruckus air box removal ...

2013 Honda Ruckus - SOLD!

This is a 2013 Honda Ruckus with only 1720km on the clock. It has some aftermarket foot pegs but is otherwise in impeccable stock form. Honda claims 114 ...
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