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Fuel economy honda ridgeline 2007 Videos

2007 Honda Ridgeline Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Marin, San Francisco CA 7H532897

2007 Honda Ridgeline Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View - 71K

2007 Honda Ridgeline Ridgeline only comes with 1 engine option & it's a 247 HP 3.5L SOHC VTEC V6 that's paired to a 5 speed auto. And Every Ridgeline is ...

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Hard plastics aren't too big of a deal unless they are like the 1990s american car plastic.....or how GM plastic STILL is. One thing that isn't good about Honda's newer interiors is they wear and tear really easy because they scratch easy and they don't use better materials. My 1994 Accord has soft to the touch material all the way down to the bottom of the door! But that's just how things were back then, new ones aren't even that way. My 2012 Fit has good quality but I still have to be careful.
Maintain your Ridgeline with Honda Genuine and drive it like a human and it will tip 20mpg no problem. Don't try to tow what you should be pulling with a Cummins. Enjoy it's handling and build quality because in reality the Ridgeline far surpasses most trucks in those departments. Maybe it's because I'm a sport car kind of guy and I like to go camping/riding more then trying to show status by having a truck bigger then my means. It's a good truck, I tow my drift car regularly with it.
yes, the ecoboost must be a good engine considering what its been put through in a series of torture tests i watched, and it certainly is popular...and while this might not be a bad vehicle for light loads and just driving because you just like trucks instead of needing one(i'm like that), it's not suited to real truck use and being worked with a lot, and not trying to be offensive to anyone at all, but real trucks aren't something you want to buy from import brands.
This truck is actually more capable than people lead it to be. It does what most people want it to do. It is not a full size truck and was never meant to compete with the likes of F-150, Ram & Silverado. It does compare favourably to the Tacoma and Frontier however. I agree that the interior is utilitarian but this is a truck not a luxury vehicle. It drives so well compared to other and it by far has the best rear seat comfort compared to Frontier and Tacoma.
That truck has obviously not been taken care of, if your going to do a review maybe find one in better condition that has been kept up. Also I don't see the point of mentioning fit and finish on the most minute details, especially when it was probably caused by the previous owners. I will be sticking with +Saabkyle04 reviews from here on out. More professional, no unnecessary information and most important clean cars.
Honda engines are never about low end torque. You typically have to rev them high to really unleash the power. These are OK for light duties & maybe the rare occasion medium duty pull but really I would look elsewhere if you plan an doing anything more. A regular body on frame frame truck such as F-150, Ram, Silverado, & etc would be far more suitable.
Sounds great tho, Honda is adding a 350 hp direct injected V6 and 6 speed auto for 2013 or 2014. Hopefully they will improve other aspects of this truck. People also have to understand that people looking at the Ridgeline dont need to tow more than 5,000 pounds. But I see your point the MPG is no better than an F-150...
Tacoma and Frontier are better choices if you tow more or need more off road capability. Having said that most people never use their truck to full potential. I've towed and hauled yard materials with my Ridgeline and it is does just fine. It is much more capable than people think it is.
They do drive well as I've driven them. I feel the 3.5L is just adequate for most needs but definitely feels weighed down at highway speeds. And IMO it still trails the Tacoma & Frontier in terms of toughness & engine options. All it has is a great ride & lots of hidden storage
The one time I'd say go American is when it comes to buying a truck. I never saw the point of the Ridgeline. Heck it does everything a truck can do but it does everything so-so, nothing really stands out other than it will be reliable.
I assure you that is aftermarket leather because the Ridgeline is only available with leather in the highest trim (RTL) and this has no painted door mirrors and no power seats which it should. The RTL is a lot more comfortable.
I look at a truck like this and I think why... much prefer a Tacoma or Frontier... if im getting a truck, I want BOF. I watch these tow and the rear end squats and the wheel camber out to all hell like a unibody lol.
The honda engine is like the opposite of what you want in a truck. No low end torque at all for yanking someone or something out. Just crazy. Terrible engine for what it's supposed to be used for.
The leather interior in this truck is aftermarket BTW. If you have leather in a Ridgeline from the factory you get audio controls on the leather wrapped steering wheel, heated seats and sunroof.
I do not understand why the steering wheel is not leather wrapped but the car has leather seats. The only thing ridgeline has that is good is Honda's great sounding vtec engine.

2007 Honda Ridgeline Hickory, Morganton, Huntersville, Statesville, Gastonia, NC HP8435A

2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL w/ Moonroof and Navigation - for sa

AP Auto Brokers 1400 NELSON RD in Longmont, CO 80501 Come test drive this 2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL w/ Moonroof and Navigation for sale in Longmont, ...
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