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Bad Tires And False Economy!

This is about people who claim that certain bias-ply tires from the Jurassic period are 'adequate'. Spacep0d weighs-in on this argument. Also, hot pass by a fast ...

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Helmet's are the number one worth while investment while riding. #2 are tires man. Nice vlog brotha.
Thanks Cageless!
where is your video when youre riding with CBR1000RR's Kharisma Rider sir?
+David Irawan I just uploaded it early this am.
Great video, I really enjoy your work! I'm just getting back into riding on an R3. I'm about 255 lbs, so the bike is under sprung for my mass. I'm no fan of the crappy, slick stock tires either. Which do you think would make a bigger difference immediately, upgrading the tires or upgrading the front forks to something like a Traxxion Gold Valve Emulator kit with springs for my weight? I'm going to do both, but can only afford to do one at a time.
+giff74 Tires first, since you'll want that outright grip for your mass..and better feel. But also do suspension (perhaps both on the same day). Get your sag measured (on the bike) and have the preload adjusted for your mass with the Gold Valve Emulators too. You may also need a heavier weight fork oil. Tires I would do first, but definitely don't wait on the suspension adjustments either.
If you take your bike to a tidy bike shop where they do MOT's, they should know what tires are good for that certain bike shouldn't they? if not, just do some research I would.
+Johny40Se7en Meh, I would never rely on someone else's knowledge without having the Internet to cross-reference info. ;)
i like your videos for the simple fact real topic that help people who don't think of that ...I Love my Angel GT's .... stay safe
+Slo Poke West Thanks Slo Poke!
Good tires, make all the difference! VR46 knows all about it! #1
Lets see what the weather has in store for them!
+Alien MotoRider Le Mans, woot!
+spacep0d Looking forward to the next race in France!!!
+Alien MotoRider Hell yeah. Forza Vale!
I'm going to disagree with you. Adequate tires have perfectly good uses. For example, if you were planning to do a Flashwing style month of insanity trip where 95% of your mileage will be superslab, you might want to buy a Shinko or IRC tire which is perfectly serviceable for highway riding where grip needs are much lower than riding in the twisties. If you are talking about tires for general usage and twisty roads, then any sport touring tire is going to be the best choice. Yes, a sport tire warms up fast, but they also shed heat fast which means most riders can't keep them in their optimal heat range whereas a sport touring tire like the Pirelli Angel GT or Pilot Road 4 will actually be kept in its ideal heat range. (I know you were talking about IRC or Shinko tires and not Sport vs Sport Touring tires... I just wanted to argue).
Couldn't agree more, if you ask mee most people are better of using a Michelin Pilot Street Radial instead of those Pirelli's... I't doesn't require a lot of effort to keep it at optimum temperature, and it'll wear a hell of a lot less (not even starting about the wet grip...)
+Dodge Rider But, the use of the word 'adequate' with anything motorcycle-related is to me, contradictory. See, even if I am commuting (which is a good point to raise), then I want an 'ideal' tire for commuting assuming I care more about commuting than the precious time I get in the twisties. Even when I was working in Santa Monica and commuted 32 miles one-way every work day, I kept the best tires on the bike so I could still enjoy the twisties with performance and confidence. Commuting is not why I have a motorcycle. Also, cars are 'adequate' for commuting, but if you commute by car in SoCal then you're missing out on some insane advantages; legal lane-sharing and solo-use of the HOV lane. But, if I'm commuting then I'm gainfully-employed and can afford to change tires out more often...and I'm still going for the best tires around. ;) When I am not as gainfully employed or if I am freelancing, I'm still getting the best tires except I am not putting all those freeway miles on 'em. All roads (pun!) lead to 'best tires' for a purpose or multi-purpose use, not just 'adequate' tires. So, even then there's ideal, despite how we use our bikes. Adequate is almost never a goal in practice or in theory. There's always 'best practices' for our tires...and 'adequate' is pretty much never a primary metric. ;)I just wanted to argue too, hahaha. :D Good to see ya here, Dodge!
+spacep0dI've watched the tutorial on YouTube, didn't have a clue about it. I need to look into video editing.
+SIG NinjaI like Sony Vegas, but when I tried the demo it just crashed and crashed on me. I don't think it's much easier or more difficult...since editors kinda all work the same but for you understanding the hotkeys and getting faster and more efficient with workflow. The key is to get so comfortable editing that you can rip around and do whatever it is you want to do in your editing package...with one cam, multiple cams, FX, transitions, titles, etc.I'm so used to Premiere now that I don't need to switch, nor do I want to switch. Vegas is good though!
+spacep0d easier than sony vegas?
+SIG NinjaI just upgraded from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. ;)
+spacep0dWhat video editing software / program are you using?
+SIG NinjaThurs. am I'll have something fun. Trying to release a new vid every Mon. and Thurs. am. :D
+spacep0dWaiting for new video, Space dude.
+SIG Ninja Woohoo!

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