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Honda unicorn economy speed Videos

2016 Ducati motorcycle fuel economy and its speed reaches 10 km per / hour

Vlogger-Meetup with Suburban Delinquent and Speed Triple Test!

This was a meetup with Suburban Delinquent in Orange County, CA, where I rode his Speed Triple 1050 on some great roads at Ortega Highway and ...

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Ahhh yea, you guys were riding in my hometown (RSM)
+BoardWalkToke Schweet!
Does anybody know what happened to PacificCoastRider im worried something happened to him because he hasn't post in 11 months? +spacep0d
+Joseph Benfante Don't know. May have quit vlogging and hopefully nothing worse.
+Joseph Benfante Don't know. May have quit vlogging and hopefully nothing worse.
That was an awesome ride and great views...I'm also kind of a short rider...I'm 5'-7" and sometime I have problems with the sit height lol
+Bori MotoVlogsThanks!
awesome SPod  keep them coming !
+Bori MotoVlogs Yeah for sure. I got another 'short rider' vid coming for 2015.
How tall are you?
+Aj Miller Well yeah! 5'3" is a good height for riding, but not always a great height for dealing with some tall bikes. You should be totally fine if you're 5'6"/5'7", depending on your inseam. My inseam is 29" which is perfectly adequate for most bikes, especially smaller bikes like the Ninja 300 or R3.
+spacep0d holy shit, respect for still riding. Have you ever dropped your bike? Cause when I'm 17 my parents are allowing me to buy a bike and that's what I'm scared of. I'm going to be like 5'6" 5'7" ish
+Aj Miller 5'3"
Another awesome ride man...sick views through the national forest, too!
+mhockey23 Thanks much!

My bajaj wave's speed

ths is my bajaj wave's speed ...but not a top speed...i had captured it at 6:00 am at morning ...whil im going to my tution....

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