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Fuel economy honda vtx 1800 Videos

Acelerando a VTX.MPG

Escapamento de Scania adaptado para HONDA VTX 1800 com ronco esportivo e abafador interno.

Honda VTX 1800 Review (2003)

Warren Pole reviews the Honda VTX 1800 and rate's it out of 10 based on it's looks, comfort, performance, reliability and value.

User Comments

For the same amount of money I could buy a smaller Harley???? WTF???? That''s funny. My VTX1800 has over 80k and still runs 12.20's with the original clutch!! Tops out at 130 mph on the highway. Screw these bloody wankers for saying "all it needs is a Harley badge." Funny how it took Honda to actually put tons of power into a V-twin. Image or power....hhhhmmmm........I'll take brute power over image any day. If you own a Harley, you paid too much!! VTX1800's go for around 5k these days.
I know this review is older, but I think it needs to be said that a Harley at this price is a sportster with a 900cc engine. I'm a fan of Harley's but not their price. Saying, " for that price you could buy the real McCoy," is hardly accurate. The real McCoy is a softail, road king, street glide, etc. A sportster has the badge, but is not the real McCoy. 
What a biased review. Who in their right mind would want a Harley? Engineering enthusiasts and purists know that HONDA makes the best bikes. Full stop!


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