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Economy honda accord coupe Videos

Bisimoto Baseline of 2013 Honda Accord Coupe V6 EX-L

This is a baseline dyno sweep of the new popular 2013 Honda Accord Coupe. With the powerful v6 3.5L engine, and Earth Dreams concept, for Honda, this new ...

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I'm glad to see Bisimoto getting into the V6 Accords. I'm interested to know, though, why you didn't put one of your cams on your recent V6 Accord show car. My interest derives in part because I have a 2012 6-6, and I've been looking at your J-motor cams. Is there a problem installing those in these particular cars? Or where there other reasons for the choice to depend on the nitrous kit?
Bought one two weeks ago...2013 coupe V6 manual gearbox.... worth every penny :-) cant wait to break the 1000 mile mark, break in the engine and starting really pushing this car... planning on a supercharger in the near future for my '13 coupe V6 manual... Hey Bisi, you guys doing any sponsorships? or a Supercharger/turbo Bolt on setup?
Ah ok. So Honda has you put out awesome numbers and create a bisimoto version honda to basically impress people and help push their image correct? Iam in marketing so Its nice to see Honda doing that. Looks like you also got Hyundai to dig into this too?
Just picked up a v6 coupe however it's an automatic. Wanted the manual but wife needs to drive it. I tested a 2013 SI when I was at the dealership and there is no comparison, the accord smokes the SI. Even with an auto the car is retarded fast!!
i am pretty impressed with the new auto transmissions. it put down (only) ~10hp less than the 6speed, and the 0-60 times are near identical! previous years, there was almost a whole second difference between the auto/manual.
I like how Bisi always answers directly to his customers and never sends someone to do the job. He represents his company one on one. AND he is always polite and respectful every where you see him. THANKS Bisi.
Heck the k24w is a very impressive power plant and I'd like to see what bisi can do with them. Outran an so in a CVT lx believe it or not. What bisi could do with a j35.. Oh god I can't wait to see.
I worked for Honda as a service advisor for a few years. The 1998-2002 models did have a few problems with the V6 powertrain. Honda's V6 powertrains are very well built since then.
Marketing partnership. When a new model is about to hit the showrooms, we modify and develop parts for the new chassis. I hope that helps. Thanks.
Bisi, what do you mean when you say this is a partnership between you and honda? did you help design this chassis and engine?
I beg to differ, as the unit in this 2013 Accord has help up quite well. Thanks.
i thought the 2013 accords were coming with a k24w (earth dreams) power plant?
ah alright will you guys be doing any baseline dynos with any of those or no?
HP? TQ? Why show the car being dynoed if your not gonna post the results?
I hope so. Those Auto transmission from Honda for v6 engines are POS!
The base models have the inline 4the EX units have the V6. Thanks.
By chassis, are you referring to subframe and suspension arm?
sure did, hope to see some high powered earth dreams soon.
Are u doing the k24w as well? Green power housrs
Any chance you can post the dyno graph?
Joe, not plans, at this time. Thanks.
6 speed, paddle shifted auto. Thanks.
Would think it wud outrun an si lol
now THAT'S a good looking car.
flappy paddle gearbox :) lol

2016 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6

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2013 Honda Accord - Drive Time Introduction with Steve Hammes

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I pushed on the dashboard and it sunk down, not feeling solid. The upholstery is cheap, unless you get the leather . I had a 1992 Honda Civic wagon that I got a good, reliable 282,000 miles, Honda realibility. I think their styling has suffered as of late. I'm currently driving a 2007 Nissan Versa with 212,000 miles on it and no serious repair issues. I think all cars (Japan) are very reliable, so Honda will need to improve their styling to attract certain buyers .
Do you people work for Honda. Look, I'm not challenging the mechanics of the car--good for 270 k, I'm sure. As a person with 3 Hondas in his past, I can say that I am not impressed with the styling. I have a bad neck, but it doesn't warrant being stuck with a rear-view camera. I don't need lane change. Lastly, for 40k--be crazy to pay it--I could get a 3 series with more horsepower and mileage to match!!
Hyundai has styled the design of their cars around honda to the point where now when honda designs a car according their own honda design style, it looks like a hyundai. Honda's simply taking back their design from hyundai. After a while, when people start seeing a lot of these accords on the road, in the rare event that you do see a genesis, people will say it looks like an accord.
Normally I'd agree with what you are saying, but I think the 2013 Accord is a better car than the TL. Btw, this Accord did 0-60 in 5.7 seconds while getting 34 MPG (the same as your Sonata) but it's faster and it's a V6 so it's much quieter and smoother. 33 grand for the touring, just over 30 for the EX-L V6. You get what you pay for, an amazing machine :)
Okay for the Genisis comments. I think what they have done is took the 2001 Gen and updated! Look at the slim lines and the rear. Its my fav Gen Updated and revamped. Not happy with the CVT or the center stack but over all Happy. I can now erase the last Gen out of my mind. Welcome back honda you almost lost me.
They didn't give up, dealers are just not ordering them. You should be happy Honda even offers them. Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan...They don't offer manual transmissions for their midsized sedans. Hyundai used to have it on their Sonata, but they pulled the plug and stopped. (I have a LX Accord Sedan with a MT)
Well, unfortunately, those of us with common sense (which is rare) have to suffer because there are so many people out there lacking enough brain cells to realize that one should look where they are turning the car and not rely solely on a tiny camera. For example - Honey Boo Boo Child and her 'kin'
Saw a White Orchid Pearl 2013 EX-L with the beige interior that was apparently on test drive near my local Honda dealer today. This car looks great in person. The LED's combined with the new styling make it look like a much more premium car! Good job Honda. Now fix the Civic...
Few questions. Are the lights on the bottom true fog lights on all 4dr models, or are they DRLs? i know the 12 4cyl are rated to tow 1,000lbs in the owners manual, any peek at that or do know if there is any documentation? Is it true that the LX 4dr has alloys?
Vision works is calling, your glasses are ready. This car and its technology is awesome, especially as prices go today. Equip a higher end vehicle with technology and youre looking at spending 45 grand and you still wont get lane watch and 4 cameras...
The styling is very bland, looking like a hybird between a G37 (rear pillar) and a Genenis, rear lights. The front grille is ugly. I really was hoping that Honda would produce an aesthetically pleasing car since their mechanics are very good.
The Accord usually finishes best-in-segment or in the top 3 in both inital quality and dependability with J.D. Power...that sounds pretty good to me. Plus the Accord is a car you'd want to drive while the Corolla is...well, umm not.
I agree with the one wbo said $33k is a bit pricey for an accord.. You might as well get an Acura TL! Im not convinced at all to trade my 2012 Sonata Limited 2.0T which is just as fast as the V6 and gets better mpg all for $26k
I kind of agree with Honda's comments about the styling. I like the more exciting look of the Sonata, etc. but this car is gonna look great when it's ten years old. I do know that a lot of older Accords have aged really well.
Fucking CVT I'll never buy a accord just like how I'll never buy a nissan Altima. I don't give a fuck about how it's more efficient and it's tuned torwards performance, and a DAMN CVT I'll take a Toyota Camry ANYDAY.
I don't really think so. They're offering so much safety and modern technology nowadays, that it's a wonder that they aren't more expensive. We'll save the slapping for when they start making that equipment standard.
At least Honda made this one look a bit better, the last 2 models were utter turds. Now if they can fix their shitty civic si's and bring back something with a bit more guts, I may look to buy another Honda again.
Definitely better than new Camry and Altima. I would buy LX with manual as a daily commute. It has everything I need like Alloy wheels, Bluetooth, Backup camera, even fog lights are available as an option.
are you kinding? honda gets 34 mpg hwy in their v6 without the use of direct injection! honda is getting more mpg in the accord plug in hybrid than a chevy volt! honda has not lost its edge imo
The inside looks nice, but they made the outside look so terrible looks like its made only for older people boring just my opinion. The coupe on the other hand looks great all around
What does loving the Accord have to do with getting out much? I enjoy every car I have, and the roar of V6 Accord when VTEC kicks in is awesome, especially when you mod it.
wish they came up with cameras front sides and back that would record while one drives in the event of a accident . i'm sure people would be more careful on the roads 
You said quieter cabin. But how quiet is it when compared to say, a Camry? Because the old Accord is pretty loud, I think saying quieter does not really explain.
yea..but wut about people who wud look at the screen first then turn their head left just to make sure...?...thats how i wud use it...thats why i wud want it...
Recently, Honda hasn't been known for luxurious interiors. Has the Accord become Acura-like on the inside recently, or does it stick to its bread and butter?
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