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Fuel economy honda cr z Videos

Honda CRZ First Look from the Tokyo Show Floor

Honda CRZ First Look from the Tokyo Show Floor - Continuing to make gasoline-electric hybrid cars more accessible and approachable, Honda puts a new spin ...

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TheRealSensor thank you I own a mint crx and its the est thing ive ever bought, honda is making shit now, their following GM with their cheap green technology, hybrids are only temporary they suck, people pay $5000 more than a gas engine for a hybrid that saves them $8000 over 10 years, after 10 years they need new batteries which cost $10,000, your not saving money at all, hybrid owners are paying more, my crx gets 40mpg, its awesome no hybrid, and its 20 years old honda should be continuing g
Can we put the epic F22 in here? Then I would buy it HONDA and it would sit next to my CR. HONDA wake the hell up please, we don't want your green shit!... Honda will die without a cult following of speed, that is quickly moving to Subaru and Hyundai FFS you tards. This is what happens when the executives come from American business schools.
there is talk that honda already knows what we want and that they are bringing in 2 more engines, a 1.6 single cam direct injected turbo and the famous k20, if they make these I will buy one of each, I just dont want a huge engine like gm gives you and I dont want hybrids, give us between them both, k20 crz is amazing
@SenryuSoul man too bad the real 2011 CRZ doesnt look like this, with the blue leds in place of the foglights. im sure you have seen the real CRZ now. there's no reason why all those lights can't be on the actual CRZ, they look badass! and I'm seriously considering buying a blue CRZ im 19!
CRX from 1984 to 1992 were nice cars, but this CR-Z is so agly. The frontside is not that bad, but Honda should change the CR-Z´s lokk of the interior and the specialy the rear, afterwards Honda can increase their sales figures.
crz looks good like a modern replacement for the crx but no one want a hyrbid sports car, honda sucks right now, ridgeline, pilot, oddyssey, insight, crz and civic all suck right now, my crx is 100x better
people are right, honda went to hell, hyundai veloster is the new crx, the crz was a failure, lets get this straught crz hybrid gets 40mpg, my 91 crx gets 42mpg thats pretty screwed up for a replacement
@tywoerner it's a hybrid. those cars don't use that less fuel than most of the people think. however a volkswagen gtd uses about the same fuel with a lot more horsepower.
when the crz first came to the honda dealership i used to work at i was the first guy to sit inside it and drive it around the lot. its a cool car.
it looks nice, but 120 something horsepower with like 37 mpg inst to great
The front of this car looks absolutely amazing.
Honda at it's best. All hail the cr-z..

HONDA CR-Z (2013)

Honda has updated the sporty CR-Z hybrid with a range of improvements focusing on style and performance. Subtle revisions to the exterior and interior ...

2015 Honda CR-Z Hatchback Exterior & Interior Review

Full 2015 Honda CR-Z Review What's New for 2015 The 2015 Honda CR-Z carries over unchanged. Introduction Coupes are known for offering style and ...

Honda CR-Z (2013)

Honda CR-Z (2013), Honda has updated the sporty CR-Z hybrid with a range of improvements focusing on style and performance. Subtle revisions to the ...

2015 Honda CR-Z Brooklyn Center,Maple Grove,Plymouth,Minneapolis R1702

2015 Honda CR-Z http://www.lutherbrookdalehonda.com For more information on this vehicle and our full inventory, call us at (763) 331-6800 Luther Brookdale ...

2011 Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z is the spiritual successor to the 1983-1991 Honda Civic CR-X. That car delivered zippy performance from a small 1.5-liter engine, plus superb Petrol ...

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@imveryreglam y the fuck are you talking spanish to me? I'm not hispanic in any way. NICE TRY, MORON. u're still an inbreed & totally confused MESS. U dont know whether to stick to the racist horseshit your molesting daddy taught you or reject it because he gave u such a painful childhood stickin it in your butt (thats what inbred "double wide" residing white trailer trash do right?). It's hilarious watching you keep translating into other languages hoping maybe you got it right this time. LOL
@TheEuroperules Again, douchefrance, I'm not from America, but feel free to send more trivia. Anyway, Europeans are morons. They pay 8 dollars for one litre fo gas, they all drive cars with
@youngbleeb Well at least gas being really expensive keeps people off the roads, and they drive cars with small engines because gas is so pricey. They live in "tiny" houses because they know they don't need 1000 square meters of wasted heating bill. I don't know much about the EU, so I can't say much about that, and the whole "take a shower" thing is just pathetic. And what's with all the insults? Can't you make good points without resorting to that?? You're a hater, through and through.
unloaded a shit load of these the other day. Butt fucking ugly, little utility. Drives in typical honda fashion which is nothing to right home about. This car is a slug. It's geared so tall with the manual transmission for mpg that it is an absolute bore to drive - so why is honda trying to go all sporty in looks etc. when this thing can't get out of it's own way? Hybrids are a joke anyway but this car is pointless! The electric/gas transition is seemless compared to past Honda hybrids
@imveryreglam your replies are really beginning to get pathetic now, bud. it's still kinda funny to watch your illiterate ass try and formulate a decent English sentence, but its getting old. You wouldnt want to meet me either, trust me. It wouldnt be a lovely dinner, it would be you sustaining considerable injury. That said, Honda's designs are still in the toilet, but it probably looks like gold compared to the ghetto south american village you live in :) Yawn motherfucker, yawn.
Update on my CRZ driving experience. My opinion is that it's but fugly. That's subjective...the following is not. Like I said before driving the manual was not satisfying as it's slow and geared tall for mpg. Not overly sporty, nevermind fast. I drove an auto for the first time last wk and it was BRUTAL! Paddle shifters are laughable as it's slow and the trans is TERRIBLE! Downshift w. the paddles and it hesitates for seconds before changing....absolute garbage! Useless vehicle.
Just to further on the CRZ, this car is a joke. Drive one for yourself. What is the point of this car? It has sporty pretentions that detract from it's utility, yet when you drive this thing it's gutless and not very sporty. Can Honda tell me what the point is? Sure it drives better than a Prius but so does a 1990 323 mazda! Aside from Hybrids being an absolute scam on the wallet and the enviroment, their is absolutely no point to this vehicle...yet idiots will buy them...WoW!
@Rata4You How exactly is Honda 'ahead of the curve'? Their peddling the same platforms making a mini van, an abortion pseudo truck, and fugly Suv off the same chassis! Old stuff with new sheet metal. Little money to spend on R&D due to higher production costs because of yen exchange. They aren't a multi brand car company. Their stuff is actually quite fat, dated, ugly and expensive. More recalls than ever and plummeting quality evidenced especially in reg. honda line.
its kind of funny honda siad that if you look at the cr-z it looks just like the 1988 to 1991 crx lol funny it looks nothing like the crx i think i like the crx more then the cr-z funny tho they say if you look at the cr-z its like looking at the crx ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny the front end looks like a s2000 and the back looks like a honda lnsight honda got to stop saying it looks like the crx coz it dose not
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@jeffsandychelsea so which EU members require that all citizens carry ID cards at all times or face jail and fines? you're right, you dont know much about life in the EU. EU nations enjoy the luxuries of being a happier north korea. Hmm, annexing nations, sounds familiar, when has that happened before? I guess if you market it correctly, it's seems like a good thing.
@Rata4You... Peak oil is a myth. Oil is abiotic. I fail to see what innovations Honda's come along with 'ahead of the curve'. Name one! Like Toyota, base honda products have cheaper materials then were used in the 90's - you have to buy Acura to get the quality interiors that Honda's USED to be known for! Honda's are not fuel economy leaders in nearly any segment.
me and my bro were supposed to take this car and drive it to Nuremberg track and drive it round it on the live every liter honda campaign. but nooooo some spanish wank ended up doin it an there not even doin it rite! was supposed to be about the car an they ended turnin it in to a documentery about people an the crap they wanna do! stupid idiots!
@NIKG3tBODi3d so what if it have the back window i still dont see a crx all i see is a author ugly honda car thats going to come out i am a big honda fan but i dont like what honda is doing with there cars i think 80's 90's was the best honda's ever back in the day honda made cars that look nice but now it looks like shit
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