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Peter Van Doren on 'Green Jobs'

Can government reorient the economy to promote green jobs without consumers, producers and economic performance suffering? Peter Van Doren, a senior ...

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I assume you're serious and not just another YouTube troll looking for a fight A good beginning to understand libertarian thought is "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt. It a nice little 180 page book explaining libertarian economics in simple everyday language You can pick up a hard bound copy from Ludwig von Mises Institute store for about $12. It was written in the 1940's but you'll be amazed at how up to date it is. Just Google Ludwig von Mises Institute and hit the "store" button
Anyways, alot of the ideas and information I get vary. Works from Milton Friedman, Mises (austrian economics), different organizations and philosophers, random stuff. I'm sure you're familiar with some of them but generally when I listen and read their philosophies I don't think they are too literal. What I mean is I don't think when they say "I want to be able to home school my kid" they want everyone to be home schooled. Some libertarians don't want to eliminate government funded schools.
"I'd rather have this money going to solar than to failed businesses." If solar energy was the cheapest and best source of energy to grow the economy, why wouldn't more businesses be using it as the standard? There's a reason that coal, oil, and nuclear are most commonly used. Its simple economics. Our economy and OTHER BUSINESSES need cheap energy to grow and thrive. Eco-friendly energy isn't cheap. "America needs to invest in green technology so that we can stay on the cutting edge." ...
"I am commenting on the fact that these "libertarians" take every chance to down play and generally shit all over the green market." Libertarians are not against ANY business in the free market, as long as that business isn't relying on government money to stay afloat. Nobody is 'anti-green,' get real. Libertarians don't object to green businesses if the green businesses are successful without taxing away everyone else's wealth in order to get there, dragging down the rest of society.
Not to mention nuclear. Nuclear is actually safe, and would employ plenty of people to get it running, and keep it growing. Nuclear energy doesn't even generate the pollutants you mentioned. The radioactive waste can be heavily diluted, or even recycled, as they do in France, to support a nation that is now almost 80 percent nuclear, and very clean. Nuclear does involve emissions in its construction, but it pays back as an immense and non-intermittent power source. We should be on it.
Putting "Save The Earth" retoric aside, our government needs to push "green" energy initiatives for pure finacial reasons. The less oil, natural gas, and coal we use to generate power, the more said fossil fuels we have to sell to other countries, thus send the wealth BACK into our country to not only pay for these "green jobs" BUT pay for other government functions. To hell with saving the planet, the less we burn ourselves, the more we can sell to others. It's THAT simple.
I don't have much knowledge but heres my opinion. I think a libertarian simply wants choices. Not specifically only private schools and home schooling but a chance to try alternative schools if the parent feels their child isn't learning. For other things I look at it as an issue of money and federal power. I believe the federal government borrows too much and does too much. Of course, libertarians don't like big government. So to me monetary policy needs to be addressed.
I am not saying this new subside package aka "stimulus package" is a good thing. Or that anyone should be subsided. I am commenting on the fact that these "libertarians" take every chance to down play and generally shit all over the green market. To me that seem very biased, and even bordering on propaganda. What are they after by doing this? I don't understand how could it NOT create jobs? If it offers something we don't have... then how couldn't there be job creation?
I agree money should not be sent to failed businesses. But the investment in green technology is mostly going to existing green technology and alot of that is produced outside of our country. There is a reason that Portland landed the solar mfg. It already produces semiconducters which are in the decline and laying off jobs. Semiconducters and solar panels use similar mfg. processes, so it is a logical jump. I'm all for better technology, but let's be honest about it.
Yeah, there's a solar manufacture starting up here in Portland OR. Something like 60+ new manufacturing jobs. I'd rather have this money going to solar than to failed businesses. America needs to invest in green technology so that we can stay on the cutting edge. If the Chinese invent a green, renewable, and CHEAP form of energy, we're buying it off of them. I'd rather have them buy it off of us. Spare no expense investing, it is the future of American industry!
I just don't understand why "clean" energy has come to mean low CO2 energy. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen mon- and dioxide, methane, carbon particulate, and carbon monoxide all are, but carbon dioxide just ain't. Not to mention that the CO2 produced in the manufacture of solar panels works out to be 100-200 grams per kilowatt hour -- at least 10 times that of nuclear power and only half that of petroleum.
"In principle that is the way it should be but that is not what I am seeing. As if all of a sudden they became "global warming is a hoax" jocks and "going green is a waste of time" butt holes." Oh, so because some people think global warming is a "hoax" they're buttholes? Sounds like you're just going to hit up whoever disagrees with you with ad hominem attacks, so I'm doubting if there's any point in even talking to you now. LMao.

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Truly frightening and concerning to see Singapore policy makers missing the mark and driving this once liberal economy into the hole of planned everything. And how is the Ministry going to define these companies? As usual , it is intended to control, always in that grey undefined areas which allows them to do whatever they want. Total rubbish. Lee Kwan Yew is turning in his grave in shame.
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